Frost, Buckets, and Forced Flowering

I live in the Rockies, just above the 40th parallel at 6500 feet/2000 meters. The first frost usually hits here about the same time as the equinox. Weather forecasting locally is usually wrong in this critical time. Last year my Blueberry Kush clones had to be harvested early, with a resulting anxious/paranoid high. Bummer.

This year when I bought seeds from ILGM, I didn’t notice how much time the plants take to mature: White Widow and O G Kush. This fall I’ll face the same problem as a result. I have plenty of time to figure out exactly how I’m going to prevent frost damage, but I need some info on the plants:

  1. How tall is “normal” for these strains when grown outdoors in a garden? (I have nine plants in an 8x8-foot plot, and I need to figure out the best way to cover them when stalked by the Frost Monster.)

  2. I have some other WW’s/OGK’s outside in white 5-gallon buckets as “insurance” against possible crop failure in the garden. They’re very happy now. I plan to bring them indoors and force flowering-- when should I do that?

(Next time I’ll get some auto’s to make the bucket stuff simpler…)

You can force flower whenever you want in five gallon pots you should get 3 to 4 foot fairly easy i would let them go as long as i could

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Thanks to joshawa for his help!

I’m unclear about the “3 to 4 foot” application, however. Is that for the bucket plants or the garden ones?

If for the buckets, does anyone have an educated guess about the final height of the garden plants?

Thanks a lot!

@Milehigh Garden plants can grow to massive Heights because they have a lot of room to grow.

Yes that was for the bucket plants your garden will depend on your weather