From were it all started the orginal kanna-bos frm the kush mountains


Nice! Keep it up


Yep! She needs a bigger home :slight_smile:


hey peps how we doing jst a update and the x2 kanna-bos babys are doin good look real nice alos i have seen on stem the purple like i have had on kush and the blu widow kush nice i also got the pollen of the kush frm my 1st mess up i was think of makin a new one wid ms kanna-bos and kush pollen any one ideas peps @M4ur @Mikos @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971


Have never done it, sorry.


Me either… I don’t know anything about it… Sorry
But let me see if I understand what you mean by that… You want to put a male in there?


no i am going to let the plant get bigger tak a clone off it let that get bigger then get the pollen and throw on the top of that clone wat you think that wat i mean sorri peps @M4ur @dbrn32


I know what you mean, I’m saying I’ve never pollinated a plant.


nor have i but the one i did by mistake on my 1st one so it ok and eazy but it all happens in flower but will have to keep that one plant on its own


From what I’ve read about @Shuggz is separate the male, wait for pollen, harvest pollen in small container. Then use a paint brush to apply pollen to a flower, or the whole plant if you would like. This procedure should be done in a seperate area, and separated for 48 hours after pollination. Maybe @Donaldj will have more insight to this?


Now I get it :joy:… I planning to that in the future so I also wait for a awnser


Greatly depends most want hermied seeds which are created by leaving a flowering plant alone and stressing it heavily with coloidial silver some strains with simply hermi if left in flower too long. If you grow a male it is best isolated and pollen can be transferred to female with simple Q-tip to any kola and bagged on the plant


I will try wid the pollen I got from last time and see wat happens


Hey just a update one of the plants is a male the funny thing is that it showin pollen balls already and I’m only in veg time wat going on wid that @dbrn32 @M4ur @Covertgrower @Donaldj @miko


Hermaphrodite possibly?


Males like to be early, so when the pistols show up, BAM! @Shuggz


Here a foto off it

@Covertgrower @M4ur @Donaldj @Mikos @Countryboyjvd1971


Yep… That is a guy :joy:


Male indeed


Yes mad and it’s in veg o well I keep dis one and put wid a fem kush widow and let see wat them baby’s will be like bless


Ul have some nice seeds bro not bad if you want tht happening. I cant do owt like tht at the moment to many nosey people were i am. Cottage in the sticks will do me nicely. @Shuggz