From vegetable garden to canibis

Yep, another first timer.
Picked up some teenage size transplants from my son. I’m told it’s good stuff. 3 GMO & Girl Scout Cookies and one Mangerine.

I bought some 707 soil, the local grow shop was out of fox farm, he recommended the 707 soil. Four 20 gallon containers. Transplanted them last Friday the 19th of June. Not as soon as I wanted but what the heck.
They are about 18" tall but seem kind of spindly and a little thin in the stalks. I gave the a good watering and added a light dose of real growers recharge.
I have had them up on my gazebo, it’s mostly shade. Did not want to fry them in the michigan sun, it was hot the first couple of days. Trying to acclimate them. I believe he had them on a 18/6 light cycle.
On the bags of 707 soil it says it has enough nutes for 10 to 14 days.
Not sure which way I’m gonna go with nutes. I have some Bio thrive I use in my vegetable garden that works pretty good. It’s a 4-3-3. I think that would be to high in nitrogen (4).
This is my first post. Just getting on board and tossing it out there as far as recommended nute use. Considering the bio thrive, but I have access to fox farm nutes. I tested my water, its a bit high in ph. 7.4
Purchased some ph up, ph down. First watering was at 6.4
Thanks for any input, just an older semi retired fella kind of growing for the fun of it. .


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you. Great start, they look happy and healthy.

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Welcome to the community. Get ready to deal with insects.

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Insects, it’s in the forefront of my mind.
Your thoughts on Neem Oil ?
My wife says lavender spray should work as well too.
I’m open to advice on all topics.