From the ground up

dry running single 400w overnight to test temps and humidity without exhaust or fans since it would only be 1/3rd of my usual operating watts should be enough to test guess how much venting and what controls will need to be added


So what was the numbers , but man you did an awesome job constructing your under ground deep cover grow space , now all you need is a trap door to the house .

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Yeah I want to know too? … how are you going to deal with the humidity, that’s the hardest part … besides the digging LOL

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lmao the heat coming through my living room floor may be kinda a dead give away mind you I haven’t started up any fans yet but feels like a heat blanket is on the floor in front of couch only 74f humidity 23% with no plant matter or water in space yet. I don’t think humidity control will be too hard since whole crawl space is sand and wouldn’t be the first time I had to break out a humidifier for grow room. My 2 ladies are sofar only sprouts 1 of each strain so could’ve been worse just need to get them to a happy healthy state and will be rocking suspect I would need to leave light on or add space heater for now to keep temps warm enough she hasn’t even got cold outside yet.

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ladies spent first day in the light at a distance of course as they are just sprouts and only have first set of leaves started will slowly adjust their placing to get them used to intensity humidity is almost non existent in my space thus far so will hope addition of fans helps to rectify that worked 10hrs yesterday so didn’t get chance to hook up fans yet and while ladies are under a dome little rush

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I’m dunking four incredible bulk in their paper towel hot tub right now (Big Bud X Super Skunk X Green Spirit)

I use passive Hydroponics to start my seeds

I saw above you had two seeds come up but you didn’t mention the rest?

I hate starting from seed, too much drama, I love clones, so easy!

3 out of 6 and considering how long I had some of the seeds stored it wasn’t overly shocking was also testing a coco jiffy pellets so quite likely I planted some of the seeds too deep hard to say I do tend to get 80% on average when starting seeds so I planted extra only really wanting 1 of each strain for mothers


have the flir camera from work at home tonight checked foundation for signs of heat loss nothing to note quite pleased with my space’s growth had buddy over yesterday helping me dig we doubled the space easily in few hours


Gotta love friends​:sunglasses::four_leaf_clover:

I second that , always can use a couple extra hands… Lol


Indeed if I hadn’t had to work today would’ve got even more done

so used to growing with 1000w HID forget how much slower growth is with less intense light slower growth than I am used to cooler temps not a bad thing just an adjustment curve since I haven’t used such small space or lights

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no new pictures but started routing my exhaust added my second timer for light number 2 poured concrete for a new support post stealing back space by ellimminating 2 bulky blocks and thick wooden post replacing with sleek steal post. need to wait a week for it to cure properly but that won’t stop my continued excavation have around a third of crawl space dug out now seedlings are finally popping roots out of their starter pellets so placed in promix seed starter soil myco 3" pots still covered for humidity be another week before I’m done digging most likely or atleast done enough to be satisfied. Working through the problem of how to run scrubber without kicking up dust constantly going to need to box it and redirect airflow through joists


worked 10hrs yesterday so didn’t do much on my space my ladies are coming along nicely tiny compact no real stretching all 3 starting their 3rd set of leaves liking the fresh soil light distance and temp almost perfect though haven’t started running ventilation which will drop my temps considerably. Hopefully off work early enough to get some work done today but weather is supposed to be nice so we will likely push for a long day trying to wrap up our last job of season with weather way it has been will be weeks if it stays nice could be days


sounds good…are you planning to eventually have a ranch style house on your lot, but a multi-level living/growing area underground :grinning:

Are you still excavating? or just building and growing?

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lol I’ll send you a picture but in essence what I am doing is multi tasking since I have to repair foundation I am digging out crawl space and putting in slabs for jack posts to support the house while I repair foundation from inside out. If I can also utilize the space created as I do to grow in than I am getting something I need done at the same time as making my play pen.


75f 65% rh breaking my seedlings into life without cover


I like that…your playpen…it’s why we grow, not just for the end product BUT to accept the challenge and have fun along the way!


happy anniversary!

I think that’s what the cake next to your name signifies, today…


Hey man I was wondering what that was!

Happy Anniversary Donald !

Thanks for all the help I couldn’t have done it without it ! :thumbsup: