From sprout to soil

Hey so the seeds sprouted in water quick and nice but not looking good in soil today would make 3 days in soil and this is wat i see. Did i do something wrong or use the wrong soil ? Soil came from backyard

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I would assume this is the issue? Do you know the brand? I would suggest getting a cannabis friendly soil. Roots Organic, Fox Farms and Coast of Maine are good brands that require only water pH’ed to to 6.2-6.8.


I see they popped up out of the soil but look somewhat cooked.
Did you have them outside with a clear cover on them. I did that once and it literally baked the poor thing.

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I have them indoors the soil i dug out the backyard

Its my first time growing indoors so i want to grow outdoors so i started seeding now but this is happening

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Apparently you have started seeds before. What did you do differently.
The soil is probably not the best for cannabis, but the seedling should have stood up straight.

Backyard soil is not ideal and probably won’t work. But if you did it before, maybe your’s is okay.

Most important thing is cannabis roots need air and that comes from perlite (styrofoam like beads) as well as very light fluffy media. The soil also needs to drain fairly well.

You might be better off to go to your local greenhouse and get some FF Ocean Forest or other non-highly fortified POTTING soil. Then ever so gently dig it out and replant it. Must be very cautious and slow.

Otherwise, see of you can temporarily stand that ducker upright.

Good luck!

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