From Solo Cup to Ground?

First time grower question…not an autoflower

In my research I’ve read a lot about intermediate transplants… going from solo cup to bigger pot, to finally going outdoors…but most of the posts I read are referencing outdoor grows in pots. So it’s like solo cup…bigger pot…final pot.

I plan on growing directly in soil, and if I were to start over I would use something a little bit bigger than a solo cup…but hindsight is 20/20.

My question is can I still go from solo cup directly to soil or do I need to go to an intermediate pot to allow the plant to veg more first?

I’m just not sure when to make the move and if it’s safe to make a direct move.

Also, I know a direct soil grow requires less pH monitoring, but what is recommended for soil prep? I have researched this, but again, most of the threads are about outdoor pot grows and not soil prep for direct ground grow. Perhaps not a lot of prep is needed.

FYI…I’m the keep it simple type.

Thanks for all your help This forum is great!


I see no reason you couldn’t just go straight outside.

Tagging @JaneQP @oldmarine and @Lacewing - I don’t grow outside so I’m not too much help from an experience standpoint.


Thanks, I appreciate it. Any help is appreciated help.


I have only done my outside plants in fabric pots. Under the top soil is a layer of bentonite clay. I am going to put two white widows in the garden beds that have had liberal applications of compost and mulch the last 20 years. One is in a solo and the other in a one gallon fabric pot. As long as soil temps are decent, plants are healthy, and any danger of frost is over I am going for it! We can learn together!

Sounds like a good experiment! I have these two that are entering into the veg stage that I’m going to go straight to ground…with top soil and some castings, etc. (I guess)…

I have three more that have just popped coming behind them so if those don’t work, I guess I will go to an intermediate pot and then into ground.

Unless of course, someone chimes in who is an expert at this transition and sheds a light on the best way! hahaha. It’s my first time grow, so I am just hoping for survival, a decent yield, and some lessons learned for next season!

Can’t wait to see how your different approaches work!!!


You should be fine I’ve set plants out that size in the ground many times. I usually wait till mid may in my area. (No more frost )


@kellydans Thanks…I’d like to wait until mid may…I’m just afraid they may get too big for the solo cup.


You could always plant in fabric pots and put them outside. Your plant’s look great


i do it EVERY year, the ONLY thing to remember is to NOT allow ur babies to grow to long in the solo cups…WHY u ask, well ill tell u from MANY yrs of growing…grow to long in small cups means ur roots become “root bound” and its very hard to get the plant out with out causing damage to the Very intensely Sensitive roots
another reason…it seems "IT COULD"to stunt the plants…sometimes for the life for HER…Ihave had this, lol husban took to long digging the holes…

ALSO ur planst l@@k a bit dry…next time try to fill the cup to CLOSE to top, it will allow u to grow ur girls to a good sturdy size WITHOUT the roots being a problem, outer wise L@@KS GREAT…


@idunno814. My solos are full of rots and I have been trimming off everything that are coming out of the drain holes.

I was considering intermediate up-potting but I am too busy (or lazy) to do it.

Will you use this as your grow journal? I am set to watching this thread but let me know if you open up a new one.

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Thanks! Yes, I considered that! I think want to go for the best yield and let the roots go do their thing!

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That makes me feel much better about my plan! I think one more week, and I will go for it to avoid root problems!

I did learn a lesson with the solo cups…fill them to the very very top with soil. I didn’t think about how much the would settle after watering a few times. That’s why the one looks like it’s half full!

Do you do anything to prep the soil before putting them in?

Thanks for your feedback!!

@JaneQP I’ll post updates to let you know how it’s going and how I did things


cool… The only thing that we really do to prepare the soil is make it really wet…then dig the holes…mix the mulch …at the bottom of the hole i put the 420 soil, And at this point you will start to learn what you like …there are so many people that will tell you to use this or that, so GREAT INFO FROM GREAT PEOPLE ON HERE!!!
but YOU have to try which product works for you…after learning what you like and how you like it to grow…the best place to learn is here
i use FOX FARM stuff its quick, easy and works, costly but l@@k what we can do with it

i just saw that you CUT ur roots? NO, NO NOOOO, that root gets cut, broken or dry it will not gro again and will cause damage growing problems thats because there was not enough soil n cups, roots had no where to go but out of cup to find soil, try TRY to never hurt or expose the roots its the plants veins…but relax its ur 1st grow, next season you wont do that so u will be off to a good start…

@idunno814 From another keep it simple type: I’m new to growing mj, so take what I say with a grain of salt (but I’m not new to growing lots of stuff). Mine are headed into my garden in a few weeks with my tomatoes and other veggies (in NE Ohio). I started mine (same way I do tomatoes and peppers) in a seed starter tray and transplanted them into solo-cup sized pots when they hit the top of the dome in the starter tray. After not quite 2 weeks in those small pots, I potted them up into 1 gallon pots. They got very, very happy in the larger pots! They’ll go into the ground in 2-3 weeks, when the nighttime temps are safe, and when there are longer hours of daylight. Right now, they go outside into the greenhouse during the day when it’s nice and come in the house over night (under lights for a few more hours of light).

So it really depends on when you can get them outside in their permanent spot–temps and especially hours of daylight. If that’s still a few weeks away, I’d pot them up.

Keep me updated…


Root pruning is a common practice to keep a plant small. Many around here do it as part of maintaining a mother plant. As long as it has time to grow small replacement roots it should not be a problem.


Outside measured PPFD 750 when the sun hit them, today

Have at it.
Only the strong survive, around me.


They are determined!

Yes from solo cup to ground. I do it ever year.

Happy growin


yes if you WANT to do a certain thang or YOU KNOW WHAT UR DOING but NOT cutting the roots comin outta the cup… why cut the roots on such a small NEW plant to stunt the groth,