From seedling to light vegetation

I’m fastenated by life. As simplistic as it may seem it’s pretty cool.
Day before yesterday I soaked 2 northern lights bought through Robert . Twelve hrs later I checked them and the tap root was an inch long . I proceeded to place both seedlings into a small store bought nursery. Both seedlings placed on a peat germination mound with a shot glass of water resting inside. I swear they’ve grown an inch. I have two leaves on the twins. They’re happy and I am too.
It’s exciting to watch even a marajuana seed grow. Especially a marajuana seed !
Temp 80*
50 watt bulb placed 5 “ from nursery
Light misting periodically
Condensation build up on inside lid



Welcome To ILGM ……

You think your fasenated now, just wait till later lol


I agree with @garrigan62 hahaha Wait till they take off youll be blown away lol
And i will also welcome you to the forum @JBC13

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I’m so stoked ! This morning I began calling the twins Thelma & Louise !
I can’t wait to watch them grow. I wonder how long before they’re transplanted into the hydroponic pots? If they keep this up it won’t be long.
Does everyone get excited their first grow?

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I can’t wait !

It is extremely exciting to see them doing their thing. It never fails to blow me away, this little seed becomes a plant. Not just marijuana seeds but every little seed I plant. It is and always will be a miracle to me.


I understand the excitement!
First grow
Day 13
Cheese Auto Flower :smile:


I agree. As I read your post I thought of a mustard seed. So tiny yet they grow to become a large tree.

Just beautiful

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Make sure to follow up with a picture of yours! Can’t wait to see!

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I have a couple of questions… I planted seeds 5/12, now 5/23 I have 2 sets of leaves. They are growing in 5" cowpots ( biodegradable from cow manure) 1. When do I take the dome off? 2. My temp is 86 and humidity is 86 as well. Do I need to change anything? 3. How much water do I give them? I have been using a spray bottle and 3 times a day misting the leaves and direct close to the stem at the soil. 4. When would I transplant them into 7 and 5 gallon containers. I have 1 auto and 1 Fem? 5. When should I add the co2, during flower or when before? I am growing them under lights 24/7 until the fem needs to flower. Any suggestions will help. Thank you


This is my first grow and I am reeeaaally excited. At the same time a bit confused.
That is why I joined the forum.
Good luck Jenn

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I’m fairly new here but I’ll help the best I can.

If you are already in the Young Veg state and are showing two sets of leaves I would remove the dome.

The temperature seems to be a bit high depending on your setup…typically you want it from what I’ve seen around 75-80… Something to keep an eye on as your progress.

I haven’t dabbled much with humidity due to mine being around a constant 35-45. Most people from what I’ve read say for the Veg state you want around a 40-70 humidity. I think 86 is a bit high, I prefer to stay on the lower end to avoid possible root rot, mold, etc.

Everyone waters different, it also really depends on what type of grow you have, the soil your using, is it coco, regular, living, etc etc

The auto shouldn’t need a 7 Gal pot, most people say 3-5 is more than enough. They typically don’t get big enough to require a 7. I would switch the Auto into a 5 ASAP, I know my auto around day 10-11 was over 6" round which means you most likely have already out grown the 5" cow pot. I would switch the Fem now as well, let her grow and fill in the 5 and make adjustments accordingly.

I haven’t dabbled with Co2 at all and don’t plan on it. I open the window in the room I grow weekly and let some fresh air in. Later in the grow pending odor I might have to supplement.

Hope some of this helps! When all else fails, research each individual thing your trying to learn and again knowledge on. I’ve been non stop thumbing through forums, the ocean of knowledge is vast and the more you learn about one topic the more you learn about another. Everything goes hand and hand.


@MattyBear please correct me if I’m wrong ^

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Didn’t see anything major that jumped out. RH during seedling should be over 70 (if you can) then 50-70 in veg and 30-50 in flower. Again, those are all best case scenarios and everyone’s climate is different. If those numbers can’t be achieved then a humidifier or dehumidifier would help.
Indoor autos don’t need larger than a 3-5 gallon pot. 7gal would be fine for outdoor autos.
I’ve never used cowpots but the dome can be removed now most likely if they’re 11 days old. At this point you don’t want to be giving large amounts of water. Spray bottle is fine still.
I’d transplant the auto in her forever home ASAP. They don’t like to be transplanted, usually.
Photoperiod plants can be potted up, just remember the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits! Indoors a 5 or 7 should be as big as you go.


Thanks brotha! Out of likes :disappointed: lol

My first grow too. I have been keeping my twins in a nursery grow as you. Although my temps have been 80*. My light 4” away. I had been misting as needed, which was 5 times a day. I also kept my origional shot glass they had been cracked open in the beginning.
Yesterday, both had to be transplanted as they were touching the inside of the dome. I replanted them in a large pot, with the original medium the tap roots started in. I placed the shot glass of water and recovered them with the clear dome. Light was switched up to a larger grow light. Four leaves on each plant.
I will transfer the girls when they’re ready into the hydro. My concern is they’re happy and healthy.
This is my first grow. Every grow is different. Read Roberts grow bible & learn all you can but don’t over think.
Misting them, 80* and 24/7 light now will help. Keep your light 4-5” away from them.
Hope this helps. Ours are about the same age.

She’s a beautiful plant !

Congratulations ! She certainly is quite pretty !

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Thanks buddy!

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