From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Yeah well in my backwards section of the Bible belt they will hang on to that it’s the end of all things God loves attitude until you rip it from their grasp. I live in a country / foothills area of Virginia about 125 miles from D.C. (where recreational use is legal ) and people get in serious legal trouble for just a few joints here .
When we first bought in the country we had moved from Fairfax right next to D.C. and we moved to very rural area by historical Civil war battlefields. Well my neighbors let me know that it was not a Civil war it was the War of Northern Aggression . I knew then we moved to a area that time kind of passed by and these folks will never catch up lol.


lol - when my little brother was in basic training, a guy from AR told him, “you just think yer cool because ya’all won the war.” My brother was perplexed and asked him what war he was talking about. And he said, “The War of Northern Aggression.”


Been a while and have had some jacked up stuff going on but finally getting a fresh grow started . I have heard of them before but this is my first set of twins 2 plants 1 seed dont quite know what I should do with them or when


Glad to see you back. My way of thinking is to separate them asap before the roots are so intertwined that you can’t.


glad to hear from you @Oldstoner, not sure what to do here…lol
i’d be afraid if i split them i’d lose them both…


That’s what I was thinking the outcome might be when I go to one gallon pots in a week or 10 days I will see if they come apart easy I’ll seperate them if not I will stick them in a 7 gallon instead of 4 gallon . I am also going back to 4 gal. plastic instead of smartpots . I like the root bound ending when they get scared of dying and really push the trichs


Well @BIGE the twins had a spot on the tap root that almost looked joined or grown into one main tap root so they will just have to share the room in the 7 gal fabric pot .

The rest of the kids are doing okay one is going to be more of a cal mag hog it is already starting to pale when I dont give it a shot to keep it green


they look healthy @Oldstoner… glad you could save them!


Looking pretty darn good @Oldstoner. I will enjoy seeing what those twins do for sure :slight_smile:


Been busy with 2 new additions about 3 months ago the dogs started raising cane at the back fence . When I went to look there was 3 kittens in the ditch . One didnt make it but the other 2 are doing great . Mom was one of the barn cats from a neighbors farm and he said that they are all feral cats he just feeds them and they keep rodents way down. Any way mommy had died and the other female with milk had a litter already. So after a few months of TLC this is Hodor and Arya .


@Oldstoner, they are beautiful! I guess they are liking it inside. I think there is a special place in heaven for you :heart:


Okay things seem to be doing okay but not as good as normal . Still trying to find a soil medium that doesn’t cost a arm and leg . The first pocs are just before the first full feeding second pic a day later

. And does anyone else use Nectar from the gods line product Bloom Chaos as a folier spray ? They said you need to give extra cal mag when you do and boy howdy are they correct . I have to give cal mag even on water only days or else I get the splotchy look starting


Beautiful plants! I use NFTG nutes and ran the foliar on a few plants and noticed they become cal/mag whores, lol. I’m doing my current runs without the foliar feed to see the difference. You’re ladies look great!


Thanks sir but it is being a struggle this time to keep them that dark healthy green . And they are supposed to be 3 skunk and a green crack but the gc hasnt shown its difference yet . I’m struggling with temps also this time , I normally keep it 65 in the house but this winter my tent won’t seem to get over 72 or 73 and low 60s in dark time . Im not worried about it just strange to suddenly have this problem on my 6th grow


They don’t show any signs of not liking the temps. I’m similar to you in regards to day/nighttime temps. My issue is humidity late in flower. Having a hard time keeping it below 50. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re plants look great, like always!


Haha here I struggle to get the humidity above 40 and if I didn’t use one of the small sonic units it hovers around 20-25 rh


I’ll trade you RH until I get through flower??!! Lol


Lmao would love to I am retired so I have the luxury of time and mist them a couple times a day very lightly


I think I may have to enter this months bom I have some xolorful shots since people started voting for buds that are not in all natural lighting again


I work mostly from home so I get to do wellness checks on my ladies whenever too.