From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Just some bud porn for Turkey Day


They are looking great @Oldstoner! I hope your health improves quickly. Hang in there :green_heart: :seedling:


Gorgeous budporn and great stem splitting ,so is it Thanksgiving today? If so happy Thanksgiving


Very nice buds @Oldstoner


great looking bud @Oldstoner


All the tricks and secret recipes of nutrients is proving my thoughts correctly after all this time . Great job buddy , I rather have a medium yield plants with very dense buds than a heavy yielded plant with big airy buds , from the photo this bud will be a great smoke .


@yoshi so far this has been the hardest and heaviest buds I have grown and they seem to already be half way thru the cure already when I open the mason jars they reek up the whole house and it has only been about 2 weeks . The one had the most amber I have ever let one get and have tried the little cheater bud and damn it is very sleepy weed . Thanks for all the help and well wishes everyone has given me guy’s


I don’t aim for Amber unless a client prefers that due to insomnia , but I mainly cut 2 weeks after 40% milky and I did an experiment hanging a plant with the root system in tact , I was pretty impress with the trichomes production after trying that , it was just something I wanted to try cause I always snip the branch from the stalk like most when curing . It’s just an option , but always experiment until you find what works best for you’re needs . Another thing I learned in flower , after week 5 in flower I start removing fan leaves each day in stages which helps build bigger bud weight also but don’t go crazy cause you can still stress the plant but ah lil stress is great for a finish smoke , I think it pumps up the potency at 1% in my opinion , but at the start of week 5 I pluck the fan leaves instead of cutting from fourth of fifth node up to the top so the colas can get more light to put on more weight . It’s kinda like the 3 pounds per light technic , I can tell a significant difference in my experience . But in your next grow get you a plant for complete experimenting and see how it work for you oldtimer , do some reading on bud development in mid and late flowering and push your plant to a stress level but not to the point of hermaphrodite , and let me know how you’re results came out okay Sir , I be in the shadows weekly , just don’t comment or post to much cause I let others learn on they level and don’t want cause any friction. But I’m super proud of your accomplishments , and once you Finish that I’ll talk to you on how to push auto flowers to a big return in 85 days …Blessings keep it organic clean and green , Happy Growing youngin!


Thank you and now I just decided to start a experiment plant and 3 others this week . The strains in my bank at home are blue dream , super skunk , green crack , white widow and gold leaf any suggestions on which you would play with ? In your grows any of these react better to stress ?


I had great results from each one of those seeds , but the one that was the strongest in results was the green crack and gold leaf in my opinion , but all those strains does great in light stress growing , top it and let it grow out to the second node after the first topping , than top it one more time and let it run its course , for the sake of space you can scrog or LST train it are main line it if you want , it’s your choice youngin , than when you get into flower after your nutrient transition which is about 3 weeks from the initial light switch , by week four start plucking fan leaves from the bottom every 3 days . Now I do it by node height , for example from where I topped I go to the first node on each stalk and start from that node , than 3 days later I go to the next node up higher from that one , now if it’s buds over shadowed by fan leaves I remove those to by plucking cause the plant is not producing fan leaves , it’s more focused on bud production , so you only need a few leaves to generate light energy but by plucking you help create more focus on bud production .


Stoner I might re-initiate an out door grown auto flower thread just to give new options on some interesting tech can I e learned over the time in my slight absence , I been thinking on it for this spring , plus to show the outcome on the microbe life nutrients I used with all my other recipes I’ve discovered .


@yoshi thanks so much for the advise and truth be told though I have never mentioned it on here I also remove lower fan leafs when they no longer get any light because of the canopy. All the mentors say never cut green so I didn’t tell that part . I heard the fan leafs help create the sugars for the bud to produce trichs so I supplement with Aphrodites extraction from the Nectar from the gods line , it is supposed to be a great sugar boost . I have been pushing quality and hoping for a good yield maybe next time I will push for weight and hope for quality lol


i think i will go yell at my plants for awhile!lol


@BIGE we all see what LST does , that’s a stress technic to force the plant to create more nodes , pruning and topping is almost similar which creates stress , but you want them to be comfortably stress make sense . So stress the development but keep they environment happy . I’ve done some of the most unorthodox things and got some of the best pungent strongest smoke , they was not massive yielding plants but they were very dense and solid buds after curing and I’m still trying to repeat some of what I’ve done .


Finally they about cut the ribbons here in the country bumpkins on the legalization for medical cannabis and cultivating , shew it’s been a long wait .


@yoshi where are you taking about? Legalization, just curious


in like feb. is what i heard @yoshi,unless you have the inside scoop…
@AmnesiaHaze, AR first state in the bible belt to legalize! lol


@BIGE & @AmnesiaHaze they will cut the ribbon late January early February , it’s gone be slow going but within the first 6 months I expect many changes to allow more venders in the market . They only selecting 5 out the gate but up to 40 dispensaries and 20 cultivators which if my group don’t get the first green light which we are praying we make it , plus our laboratory is completely mobile , but for certain the second round .


That would be awesome @BIGE


WOW that is amazingly good news!!! Congratulations @yoshi one big step for mankind.

Cannabis is now on its 78th year of prohibition! It needs to end this year!