From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Okay they are starting to look more familiar


Nice looking tent ya got @Oldstoner :grinning::v:


Well crap another scrog that didn’t quite work out for me. After the 3rd surgery this one for a hernia I just can’t bend over to care for them under it any more


Hope you’re feeling better @Oldstoner

So what are you going to do?


I know, how about raise the bed somehow,sorry, just spit balling, I don’t know what made me shout out, oh I did my end lol sorry @Oldstoner and @bob31


@Oldstoner So sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Is there a way you can have someone help you lift the scrog off so they can just do their thing without too much effort from you? I have never scrogged so I don’t know if that is possible this far in. Sending healing thoughts to you for a quick recovery.


Thanks everyone. @AnneBonny I just took the snips and cut the string on the scrog and it slipped right out . We will see how out of hand they become but this is them today


Not so great this week lots more complications from surgery this time . Not been around much just trying to let this grow finish up on it own with some watering . Just sucks doing it like this but I have been feeling like hammered sh!&


Stay strong my friend :muscle::pray::v:


Hope you get better soon @Oldstoner


Healing thoughts for you @Oldstoner


The gals look great @Oldstoner they will be fine like that!


@Support_Team thanks for the Birthday cake icon for the day nice


Happy Birthday @Oldstoner



happy b

happy bday

happy birthday @Oldstoner ,i hope you have a great day


Hey there happy birthday i hooe all is good and have a good day blessed @Oldstoner


Very nice brother


Happy Birthday @Oldstoner… May be late…lol


Your scrogg did fairly young man , I was very pleased at the results , but consider next time it will be even better . Growing is learning the characteristics of each plant , I’ve yet to have or repeat the same results , cause every grow has a different response and results .


Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I will be around more soon but right now I’m just sort of stumbling from one health issue to another like a drunk sailor and have been spending a lot of just down time . Which sucks as my fall chores are starting to pile up . Oh well life sucks then you die as my kid says so this to shall pass . Thank you again everyone