From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


That’s the very definition of living the dream.


That sounds so amazing @Oldstoner, it brings tears to my eyes to even imagine being to do that daily.


Well the girls are off and running . The stretch has began on one and hopefully the others will start soon . I am also a fan of topping vs. fimming the one I broke and was so worried about is the nicest growing plant I have .


My lord @Oldstoner what a beautiful view you have a nice place my friend
Need to stop by your thread more I’m never let do @Oldstoner and the Doctors suck my Ortopidic told me to live with it hahha he’s been fired
Your probably better off he he wouldn’t let you Wife in the room F Him
FYI thought you story was funny :smile:


Wow @Oldstoner You could make prints of those and sell them. Just stunning!


looking great @Oldstoner that screen is full!



Just thought these were finny


Not sure on this should I just keep on pulling the stalks back under this far into flowering? Like this or just let them go so they are all the same height ?

thanks for opinions and advice this is my first scrog


You will use the light available more efficient with a flat canopy. So all will get same amount of energy to all tops.
I feel like captain obvious, but that’s my thoughts @Oldstoner


Thats kind of what I was thinking but I got one plant that is just out running the rest


Okay I may need someone who slaps my hand when I get stupid . I had one long tall flower top that was really out growing everything else . Well the thought crossed my mind I wonder if super cropping would make it fill in more ? My only plant that stretched like this ended up with a ton of popcorn buds but no big colas . Are these gonna bulk up ? Any how in progression this is what I did


did you do that just to form a knuckle ?


@Oldstoner you did the same thing I did to one plant. And I taped it and put a stick to it and it died. :cry:Took a day. And I hadnt checked it for a few hours and it was gone. Too far gone to try to rescue. I have made some real stupid mistakes on this grow of mine. But I am learning. I hope…:persevere:


@MindlessCorpse @cyberblast yeah man I did that on purpose the one stalk was stretching and outgrowing everything else in my tent so I gave it a knuckle to see if it would slow down that one bud a little . It may have been to late to do it but we will see . This grow is for Christmas gifts to family and a couple close friends so I feel like I can experiment a little more than normal and if I loose a ounce or two it’s not gonna be my weed anyhow lol ( kinda a dick move but what the hell right ) this whole grow is kind of a learning trip because of the circumstances. I have been pushing more nutrients than I ever have also


I think super cropping is best done before flowering @Oldstoner but I love that you aren’t afraid to experiment!

They will fill in. I have a gorilla blue that three weeks ago I was wondering the same thing! She is giving in nicely! I’m doing a journal update this morning. I will tag you!


Please do @bob31 I think I may have done this all wrong this time . Next time I will leave the fimming alone and go with topping only . The fimming is making it very bushy and just kind of funky clumps of buds that I worry are going to give mold a better place to start. This is this morning


I wouldn’t worry my friend, those are the ones that can really swell up and fill out and get quite big in the end, it’s kinda the idea of scrogging ,so the light can evenly be seen by all of the plant thus creating many top buds instead of just one, well that’s as I understand it, i could easily be wrong, if anyone else wants to chip in


yep those are gonna be fine. Keep taking pics @Oldstoner interested to see how it progresses!


@Oldstoner It looks alot like my GL girl which I had fimmed originally and then had to LST the branches because it got so bushy. Spread out now and those inner buds are growing good. My OGKush I fimmed too and it grew out nicely and bushy of course but since its more of a bushy type it managed it better. I just topped it and the GL for the last time and going to hit it with some good nutes later this week and then next week I plan to put them to flower. Giving the White widow some time to get some growth on too as its behind all of them.

Right now I have the tent in a CO2 dump. Letting it sit in CO2 for a few hours under the lights. No fans except what the lights have. I like doing that type of dump because the plants like it and it has the added benefit of helping take out any bugs and I think mold which might start. Not sure about the mold. You know about that?


and what are ya gonna do if that knuckle promotes vigorous growth?
That bud just might be the show point of the tent
just saying