From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Naw I still got probably 15 empty spots I could fill up but I think it has pretty much got to where I need to just let it go up . I started with 100 squares and was hoping to fill 80 with a cola .the one slow ww runt might help if it fills in that corner but I think I have been 12 12 to long and they just want to go to the light.


Wow what a difference a day makes


@Countryboyjvd1971 this is the girls


Wow she caught up to the net quick! She just wanted to fit in lol :+1:


@Oldstoner between you and @bob31 you guys really are making consider scrogging one of my grows. Maybe I’ll get a designated scrog tent! (Do I have room? Hmm) I’ll get a couple more grows under my belt before I get too serious.


Looking great man,awesome work!!:sunglasses:


@Covertgrower this is my 4th grow and 3rd attempt at a scrog . My back had me convinced it was not going to be possible for me to do it. But since I kept seeing so many great results I decided to try again any how . So far from what I have been able to observe first hand this is going to close to double my yield from equivalent grows at this stage . Things i have learned are 4x4 tent 3 plants are plenty . Next time i will top and fimm at different stages of growth and plant all the same strain so the grow and develop at the same time to make it easy to care for because I am pretty much stoned all the time and love easier for me . I doubt I will ever grow without a scrog again and highly recommend biting the bullet and jumping in next grow


How I really feel about it … I’ve never seen a NFL player, team, or owner protest domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, rape, or murder. Have you?

Ray Rice knocked his girlfriend out cold in a elevator. Remember that? No one protested his return to the league after a two game suspension. Two games!

Everyone knows about Mike Vick. Multimillionaire who fought dogs to their deaths in his backyard…to make a little extra cash?? I never remember a team, owner, manager, or player protesting that. Do you?

What about Adrian Peterson? Remember when he beat his child so badly it broke the skin on the back of his legs? I don’t remember Kaepernick sitting down for that one, do you?

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But all of the sudden, NFL players are the moral compass for our country? I DON’T THINK SO!

Hypocritical much!?


@MattyBear @Nug-bug thanks guy’s this has been a fun grow for me like when your a kid and finally get to build that fort you always wanted lol.


@Oldstoner I’m completely unprepared for the next grow to be a scrog. I have 15 clones of my current grow, that I would have to put somewhere. :wink:


You’ll love it when you do


Well the Doctor called this morning and I need to find a new surgeon. Lol he doesn’t like me any more . I had a appointment yesterday afternoon about what I had originally thought to be a groin pull from my fall a few weeks back . It ended up being a hernia and I saw a doc to get set up to get it fixed .
Well my wife and I have been together forever and she was coming back for the exam and he stopped us and said only the patient in the room for the exam and being me I promptly ignored him and WE went on in . When he came in he asked her to wait in the waiting room and me trying not to be as big of a jerk as I felt like being tried to use humor and told him she needs to stay because she is like my epi-pen because I have a violent alergic reaction to a$$?#les and she keeps me from having a seizure and going to jail . I thought it was funny him not so much the message from his nurse today was the doctor feels we would both be more comfortable with a doctor whos office policy is more in line with my desires . So I now have a appointment with another surgeon on monday lol


Daily progress at this point

Just editing in a couple of pics like one a day for progress check



My wife always goes with me and into the exam room, WHATEVER the exam. What was with that doctor? I always go with my wife when she is getting examined…except for pelvic exams. That one I dont want to be around for. But I wouldnt want a doctor that tried to keep my wife, or me, for that matter, out of the exam room. I would have a reaction like you. She is there to remember things that I dont, my memory being what it is. Only had one doctor ever tell me to get a different one and that was because he wanted to do a procedure on me that I didnt think was needed and told him so in no uncertain terms. He didnt like that. Got called by his nurse like you did.


Well he was checking the boy because of the nature of my injuries but I have no shame when it comes to the wife seeing me at my worst . She did tell me I was being a bit to much of a jackass for no reason . She thinks it was to ask embarrassing questions but it ticked me off . I do admit to being a ass sometimes but this time I feel it was semi justified.


Well my my my @Dumme I think I found your you tube channel the one long scrog with the plant that has a stalk like my forearm on the end . Just damn sir hats off to you


yep a little sun up decompression time on the lake with a fat bowl of green crack what a damn fine way to start my day


Now that’s a beautiful sunrise @Oldstoner nice!


Thank you @bob31 I spend a lot of time alone and enjoy living in a neighborhood with a lake I take a lot of pics

the last one is with a guy’s drone who lives down the street . But this is kind of my meditation time I roll one or pack a bowl take a paddle and just float around stoned and take pictures


Absolutely Beautiful @Oldstoner