From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Me to my friend, can’t wait to see how it works out


That’s it @Oldstoner , I go a little farther but I push it. She looks good :blush:. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


So cool :sunglasses:, looks like a tomato :tomato: plant.


Thanks for all the encouragement guy’s I have high hopes for the side scrog because if it works Icould plant the seedlings all the way to one side of the smartpot that way it is already all the way over and let the roots just find the other side then put one on each side and the back then the scrog in the middle and get 6 in the tent . I really do need to put lights on my b-day wish list from amazon if I do that though I have 1900 watts in there now but only a hair over 700 true pulled watts .


I usually leave 3-4 nodes from the top @Oldstoner but I don’t recommend anyone try it .


Lmfao yeah I do things I never advise people to do because it goes against conventional wisdom and I don’t want my hand slapped . Like how little I check or worry about my runoff etc. etc. I have seen a couple of the guys get ripped for advice that I followed and it worked so I proceed with caution on unique theories.
I think I have about what you do on those on the one but the 2 in back still need trimmed more . Thanks for the help


There is always more than one way to skin a cat but it takes experience to judge which way works best for you so it is always better to share proven and tested info. This is not saying people can’t or shouldn’t experiment just that until they know a baseline for the plants it’s hard to judge improvements and the more respected and asked for your info is on a forum the closer to textbook it should be. You don’t want to steer people wrong because they can’t always judge proper application without experience and threads are still on site for over a year :wink:
This means more than thee person you direct answer to reads it possibly applies it without same circumstances


Well said @Donaldj
@Oldstoner love the vertiscrog I think @FloridaSon named it hahaha
I’ll be watching to see how this goes for sure
Thinking outside the box hahaha


Oh I couldn’t agree more @Donaldj plus if someone did follow unorthodox advice of mine and lost a crop or even a plant of meds I would feel horrible. If you notice when I do give advice I try to tag a Mentor and tell them to wait to act so the mentors can double check me . I had seen it happen to others and understand the reasons for it just don’t want to get spoken to so I’m careful with some of the sharing.


Where did you get the screen @Oldstoner…looks like the back of a reefer…pun intended :crossed_swords:


@Capt_Seeweed the metal one hanging on the side is the divider for a xl dog crate and the other is just some wood and string I had laying around. I did find another plus of this scrog the way I strung it each string is 2 side by side I just figured out I can just seperate the strings pull top through and let the string go bact together and it gently holds the bud site up like this


@Wishingilivedina420state I really need to stay away from the playground when stoned . I went ahead and cropped a couple of the branches and picked the biggest pre bud site and fimmed it just to see what it does here are the pics


A fim so close to flower. O man your crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I did he same last grow kinda not fim just topped. No it’s a big weird thing I’ll post a pic later. I hope you have better luck then me. After the two bad airy plants I harvested and the really nice one I broke. This one is nuts . On top of that I dropped a thermometer on my seedling and I think it’s dieing slowly.


That sucks my first grow I had a clip on light fall and break one right at the dirt . So I probably screwed that bud up , hopefully the rest of the plant ends up okay but it was broke so anything is a bonus . Just going to finish cleaning up a little bit more under the canopy on the 2 in the back . Thanks for the advice .


No problem @Oldstoner , your set up looks great. Gonna be a nice harvest.


Well there has been some learning going on this week .
The way I was trying the vertical scrog was not working for the plant very well so I put it back under the scrog .I am convinced that this will work but I need to plan it and srart the proper training from the first this was started under a scrog and then smashed . I think it is going to make it but definitely gonna be a runt . So being me and being stoned ( again ) and bored we had a little bend and before I even thought about it I just reached out and pinched so any how this is what it ended up looking like when I was done today .

The top view of the grow will show you why I stopped the vertical try

And finally @bob31 @Wishingilivedina420state @daz49 this is the one I fimmed just as flower started . I think I may have got lucky this looks like it is going to do what I had hoped

the top line is where it was cut and the other 4 are the new shoots from it woo hoo


@Oldstoner yep that worked, no problem! Looks like she’s gonna kick butt!


That top pic is perfect @Oldstoner great job.


Well everything is doing good and I gave them one more feeding for 2 in a row to halp the stretch this one at half strength. The bud site I fimmed is doing great and I really need to experiment more with this the vertical failure is feeling much better now she is in the front right


starting to fill that screen up…lol looks like you might run out of screen…:thinking: