From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


I was trying to figure something out to free up more net and was considering pulling the smallest plant all the way to one side and use this

Against the side sort of like a trellis and try to spread it out like a fan to see if that works . Have you ever seen one done that way ? Or am I wasting my time


I’ve never seen it that way but try it what’s the sorest that could happen you get 1/2 your normal yield.


@gpitel, is there a way to send private messages? Are you close to philly or harrisburg pa?


looks good to me @Oldstoner nice and sturdy!


Why wouldn’t it work? The plant doesn’t know the difference! @Oldstoner :palm_tree::v::+1: lol


I’m with @bob31 I don’t see why it wouldn’t work @Oldstoner
Only way to know for sure tho is to try it brother keep me updated on How it works out for you my friend


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Oldstoner I second the motion!


Well I went as simple as possible seeing how this works . If this does work I could see me doing it to 3 sides and the scrog to get a couple extra plants growing


I had mentioned a vertical screen before. The image that was shown was more like a round cage. Your “Vertiscrog” is more like what I was thinking.

I love coming up with new words! Lol…


What I did was put the plant as far over as it would go hang the grate and let it kind of gently smash the plant up to the side of the tent and then pull as many branches as possible back through to this side as they grow I will drag more out and tie them in a kind of fan I guess . I’m not really sure what the hell I’m going to end up with before I’m done but even if I loose the plant at least 2 of these were slotted as Holiday gifts anyhow soooo. I figure if I am going to experiment with them I should do it with the ones I was planning on giving away in case it goes bad .


get all the bud sites pulled back up to the front in the next week or so of growing and then we will see how this does


Great experiment! If it works it gets named after you!


The @oldstoner vscrog (vertical sea of green) :wink:


nailed it @Capt_Seeweed perfect!!!


Stonerscrog scrog refers to a 1 plant set up

Sog or sea of green refers to multiple plants


My favorite the vertical stoner it’s a rare sight to see but when you do look out.


Okay @Wishingilivedina420state I am one of the never trim green leafs unless it is showing yellow , in the dirt or I can’t tuck it away from shading a bud so this was some nervous stuff for me but since I do admire your grows is this first plant closest what you ment ? Is that to close here is a pic of top and bottom

and then this poor little WW stuck on the side and smashed is trying hard to crawl back out into the light


looking great @Oldstoner you’re getting them spread out good!outta likes


Thanks @BIGE this is all new with a scrog this poor ww I feel like I am standing on it’s throat


Doing well buddy, they are looking great


i’m watching how this works out be good for corners