From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


@Oldstoner love it bro well said


Well I got a little over anxious today and broke the main stalk on one of my gl :cry::cry::sob::sob: I had already fimmed it and she had recovered well with x4 tops so I was going to super crop her also to try to really maximize my yield. This is what happens every now and then boys and girls and I probably lost a ounce or two but oh well live and learn . ( Hopefully learn anyhow I can be pretty thick sometimes) But we will see how she does here it is

Even if I only get a ounce or two off this one I will be happy


It happens, don’t beat yourself up too much man!


@Oldstoner I know your pain, but I also know that with another week of veg maybe two and more super cropping you could make up that oz no problem, keeping a flat canopy with some lst and you might only need the week are less. But I’m pretty optimistic and really believe in super cropping , lst, and scrog training.


Me personally I would’ve put her back on top where you broke her off and duct taped her together. Tied her to a sting in the ceiling for support and after a week or two. Where you mended her back together she will be strong as ever and it will possibly grow back better than she was already growing. Reason I say this is because I broke off the main cola on a white widow taped her back up and she has outgrown the rest of the plant as in size and density wise. I’ll take pics for you to show once they wake from their nights rest. These plants are very resilient and they can take a beating as long as when you rough them up you show them tender love and care they will bounce back for the most part. Just my experience as I’m pretty sure others aren’t the same. Next time if you have the time try it and see maybe it bounces back like mine did


I see that happened on 7hrs ago maybe the part you broke off is still alive and you can try to do so. If you can experiment now and know for the future why not try and put it back in place and just see. Maybe you’ll be surprised. I feel your pain just trying to help and soothe it over that’s all.


@Oldstoner that stinks last time I did that I cloned it hahaha it worked :+1:


Already tossed it . But thanks @Onlythebest79 I only grow for my own personal meds and enjoyment so it only sucks a little . I have never taken a penny for bud so no loss of income and have not really had to worry about buying any for a looong time now This grow is scheduled to be gifts for family and friends at the holidays . I actually considered grafting but was really stoned and said naaaa not now . Got me thinking about grafting gold leaf main cola onto a blue dream and vice versa as a side experiment.


I was blasted brother got lazy and was sore that day mostly stoned and lazy


Hahaha I hear you brother lol
I’ve been there myself bro
Was just say that’s what I’ve done in the past mostly out of desperation than anything lol I was upset when I did it but I’ve learned not to mess with the girls when to stoned hahaha
Anyway I’m sure all will be fine the last grow I was putting a scrog screen up late mind you and it fell on and broke a top in my gg and it corrected it self back to a single cola plant hahahah :+1: All good brother
Peace :v::cowboy_hat_face:CB


I haven’t had to buy any in the last month as my first crop is almost done and the last I bought I have 1/2 an O of it. Plus none is to be sol and all is for personal or sharing with friends. I like the idea of gifting family and friends at xmas time. I might steal your idea as I was thinking the other day. What am I going to do with all the excess? I know I’m gone tell all friends when they come to house to only bring enough for the drive and I’ll take care of the rest.


Okay going to 12 12 see hpw the stretch helps fill out the scrog . I have one lifting the netand 3 trying to catch up . With how much room is left do you guys think it will fill the scrog if I go 12 12 now ?


Okay mostly just sticking this here so I have a timeline reference for me the first pic is july13 the second one is july 22 the third is August 15 and current


I’m trying Gold Leaf for the first time also. Planted 3 seeds, resulted in two small seedlings. They broke through
the soil 8 days ago and are still very small, about one inch tall. I’m growing in a 4x2 tent, indoor, 2 300 watt led
lights at about 24" above the seedlings. Have an inline fan and filter that runs the 18 hours with the lights. The
temp stays between 74 - 78 degrees F. My last grow (bag seeds) all turned out males( grap) but they seemed to get larger faster. I expected these feminized to be smaller , just a little worried at the slow rate of growth with these GLs. Using Miracle Grow potting soil. All of this is the same I used in my last grow. Other than the fact that they all turned out to be males, The grow went well. Can anybody tell me if slow beginning is normal for these GL or do they need something I am not providing.



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Ok trying to figure out this site, thanks.


Np click on that link and everything is pretty straight forward. This is another members grow journal and piggy backing like that makes his journal confusing. @battlecrab


What a difference 2 days makes they are starting to fill in and take off . @Wishingilivedina420state you were correct it doesn’t have as many bud sites as the ones I didn’t break off but it is exploding in growth and happiness. Also cleaned up under the screen so more fresh air gets to it


Yes sir @Oldstoner filling in nicely. I like to trim off everything under the net myself. Make her look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree then flip the switch. With my GSCX I super cropped up to week 8-9 , cons tent lst ,


looking good @Oldstoner do you have wings to put on that scrog??
looks like you are going to need more screen brother!!!