From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


Lmfao I would loose a lung trying to clear that bad boy hahahha
Yeah great pic @BIGE too funny


yea,i was going to suggest staying seated while enjoying that bad boy!! @Oldstoner


It was taking me twice to clear it @Countryboyjvd1971 but when I figured out how to put the water in the upper chambers correctly it actually clears almost to easy it is like a solid little chunk of smoke . It is almost to thick so you have to swallow instead of inhale but until I get more used to it every puff has give me that head rush that makes your face feel warm


Nice @Oldstoner woohoo :raised_hands:
Glad your enjoying it
I bought a little bubbler dab rig not to long ago and I’ve been smoking rosin almost exclusively when home that is hahaha
I need to start a thread on the rosin press I picked up


Absolutely tag me in that thread I throw more out then you can believe cause it is such a mess . One glass bowl is so clogged I cant get it cleaned . I boiled it and all the goop made a soild ball in the pipe and is stuck probably 2 or 3 solid grams @Countryboyjvd1971


@Countryboyjvd1971 I think I may have not understood I was talking about the nasty black dripping shit in my pipe and thought you had a better way your talking about a real press not a gadget to help with resins. Just figured out rosin and resin is way different. Told yall old school over here . I just learned last year hash is actually just keef


Hahahahah yeah bro big difference for sure sounds the same lol
It’s all good bro I’m old school too but have come around to a new way of thinking hahaha
I will definitely tag you in when I start it bro
Rosin is nice flavorful smoke you don’t need a whole lot either just a dab hahahaha
I’m at work bro so I’m bouncing on and off today haha


I’m game , when and where.


@FloridaSon be safe brother this wasn’t you was it ?


Omg best wishes to you all out there


Dude, I just wet my draws I’m laughing so hard… @Oldstoner


@Oldstoner i have forgotten many things in my short life here…not my weed!! lol
rule of thumb;always pack your weed before you pack that bowl!!lol


Nah, Brother. I’m dug in. I’m in a good place. I expect damage, but not injury.


18 minutes until I get :heart: back @Oldstoner


Lmao outta likes that’s funny right there , I don’t care who ya r


Yeah that one had me laughing out loud all alone . I got a bunch of hilarious inappropriate memes but they would me put in ILGM jail I have a feeling . To bad there isn’t a grownups section in the back like the 80s video store’s where we could share the funny stuff




what’s up oldstoner . if your pipe is clogged i suggest pouring a little bit of iso alcohol and some iodized salt and give it a good shake in all chambers, pour it out then run some warm water a few times through it. should look new when it’s cleaned like this.


Its a small hand pipe I think I may have to break it get my ball of resin and toss it my little bong got scratched up is why I originally got a new one but I am going to use that method to keep this one clean from the start . We used to use salt and crushed ice as a kid and swirl . Now I just rinse it after use till I get it figured out . Thank you bud


ive seen these, on my bucket list of things for future, I also really want some of those air pots, I might splurge next grow but im trying to grow 20, that could be expensive.