From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


@yoshi thank you sir will do at 3 when the lights come back on . Should I leave all 4 in the bigger tent under the scrog then ? Since the gold leaf is growing so fast possibly giveit rhe scrog and just grow the others


Play it by feel , watch it or make a decision base off what you seeing .


Re: the scrogs on buckets thing it seems to me you could build using 1" fittings for the two trellises over vertical 1/2" pvc, drill holes every two inches on those vertical poles and use pegs to have easily adjustable heights for your screens.


Well the bong company on Amazon got it wrong but in my favor Im guessing .I ordered a cheap 12 inch one chamber glass bong this one

and the price went up 10 dollars from when I ordered and today this giant beast of a pipe showed up on my step. I know I really shouldn’t complain it is like a 80 dollar pipe at the headshop and 40 online but I wanted some stealth this is big and about 4 lbs . It does knock me over when hit though


Holy Cow, that bad boy is a monster!


Bit to much for my old lungs


Least they got the blue right


On amazon it says 12 inch. That sucker looks to be every bit of 18 inches to me? No?


17 I just checked and the hits are still catching up with me as Chekhov would have sais Im wery wery stoned


I smoked for too many years. I’m afraid i would hack for a week if I used one that big!



Takes me twice to clear it . Less weed seems to get me higher than my small bubbler . It was just one of those little gas stop bongs for 10 bucks and I have smoked so much through it I’m worried it is getting to scratched up to clean proper so I got this and now my same weed is like it’s creeper weed I sitting here getting higher . Yep I likey the new pipey


Well that sounds good! As long as it hits reasonable and you like it, that is all that matters and yeah I know the ones you mean at the truck stops, lol


Omg that is a sweet looking pipe


That’s a beast congrats


Thanks guys it hits great , being older and kind of still enjoying my old school ways it took me a while to figure out how to make the three chamber filtering bubble sections in the middle work right but now I feel stupid AGAIN. Anyhow I got in touch with Amazon and complained because it might be more expensive and bigger but was still not what I ordered . They credited my account with the full purchase price and I get to keep the pipe . Because the company doesn’t want to pay the return shipping to china .


Oh and I did my first submarine last night and am pretty sure if they had been a thing when I was young I would not still be alive today holy shit those wreck you


Holy cow bro your going to hurt yourself with that thing hahahaha
Nice bong bro WooHoo :raised_hands: nice mistake in your favor


be careful it is an eye catcher @Oldstoner


Yes sir thanks usually mistakes end up being in someone else’s favor it is really nice to get a bonus every now and then brother . Wish we could all hit it together . Can you imagine the 3 day weekend a dozen of us could put on


Lmfao @BIGE that is a great picture. You need to make a meme out of that one . Yeah it is kind of like dragging a log around the house . The good part is I only smoke in my grow room so I set it on a step stool and it is the perfect height to just lean forwards and hit right from my chair