From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


I say try and learn as you go , cause the only bad thing is big fat buds whether it’s 4 ounces or 30 ounces , it’s a win win for you cause you learn by doing . So just give it a shot and make adjustments as you go and journal , or write down everything for your knowledge to make adjustments and changes , cause the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement right , can’t wait to hear about your outcome of success !



@Oldstoner What is your hygrometer sitting in? I love the neatness of your tent. Everything is laid out perfectly. I put my electrical connections in the front of my tent to make it easier to reach if I need to make an adjustment.

If we did a tent of the month you would surely get the award! :v::thumbsup::palm_tree::sunglasses:


Lol @bob31 it sits in a die cast model 56 f-150 I had a 59 when I was young and was bitching to the wife about wishing I had never sold it so she got me this

and thanks for the compliment but it gets messy once in a while I am just kind of a freak about it not getting funky butt or something so usually once a month I pull everything out and spray it down with a alcohol and water mix and wipe it out . Stories of mold and fungal disease in tents made me overly cautious. I rinse my plants in plain water and even being inside a tent upstairs in ac . They still have a surprising amount of crap and grit in the bucket when I get done.


Giving my green crack a break this month and put the pressure on my gold leaf I found a confirmation number for in this months BOM competition so I stuck my favorite regular lighting bud pic in the show wish me luck


This little gal has been stalled out for almost 2 weeks now above the soil but looky at what has been happening underneath.
I dont get why the one plant has just out grown the others buy 2 or 3 times there is 2 ww and 2 gl and the one gold leaf is a bunch bigger


just different phenotypes @Oldstoner…lol i have some like that,given the same care as the other but way different builds…


WOW why didn’t I think of something like this @ktreez420 @yoshi @Dumme @Majiktoker @Hogmaster @latewood this is probably already old news to many on here but with a back problem this on wheels for ease of tending and mobility so I don’t have to crawl under it to water and care for them . I need a heavier one with handles to lift it so I am going to just build one but saw this one and wanted to share the concept of portable scrogging


That is pretty neat @Oldstoner where did you find that at?!



Just googled scrogs on 5 gallon buckets and a ton of cool images came up @ktreez420


Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrgh!!! I am currently designing the same thing. Damn Mine
will be better, LOL


awesome stuff @Oldstoner@kabongster have you seen this??


Screw it it’s 420 somewhere


@BIGE, I think it was @yoshi I chatted a bit about it with last year


They been out for a few years in proto type phase , but now the green rush has took off , all different private inventors are trying to make a mark in the engineering of a single pot set up with act of capability , they have a model with the drain pan as well attachable that pulls out and removed to be dump or vacuumed that’s in proto type development . I still think the self wicking buckets is by far the best , 10 days of no watering , with a simple rotating drain tube like a hydro bucket , but I redesigned one of mines with air stones and a pump to add oxygen to the reservoir . But this is my opinion due to my busy schedule , some weeks I don’t even get into the grow room for about 2-3 days , I just check camera to make sure plant is healthy and lights are on schedule and temps and fans are on that’s it , my Google home reminds me on my water changed each week with my weekly schedule , I know but 24 hours is not enough sometimes for a busy guy like myself .


Great idea!


Hey guys some of you who like to scrog may be able to answer this for me . My one gold leaf is going to grow faster and bigger than the others my question is will 1 gold leaf dill up a 32 x 32 scrog or should I leave 2 under it ? I’m may put the 2 ww in the second tent so everyone has plenty of room . Suggestions and advice greatly appreciated this is them now


It’s all about the veg time really. One GL can definitely fill a SCROG that size, but it may take a few months? I’m on my first SCROG (with a GL) and mine has done a pretty good job of filling a 1.5’ x 3’ SCROG. @Oldstoner


@bob31 thanks bud I think I may just concentrate on 1 then in the smaller tent and put 3 in the big tent and start the super cropping process on them . I just did the 1st of 2 fimmings yesterday so they need a couple more days before I eff with them any more.


@Oldstoner trim the bottom foliage as much as possible , which will help it’s growth to slow down and give the others ti.e to catch up some , but widow plants thrive in transition from veg to flower in the stretching phase , gold leaf is a thriving vegging plant and pack on trichomes and heavy buds late in they flower stage , so if you trim the lower foliage to force the gold leaf to re-develop foliage it will slow it’s vegging so the widows can balance out in my opinion .