From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf


I think mine was around £180 ,with 600w hps bulb


Mine was just the tent like 90 bucks


I’m thinking of doing that and making a veg room to, but mine came with everything


I had already had everything I I was just getting a bigger tent mine was 3x3 but only 5 feet 3 inches so my light’s were on my colas and I needed more height


well it looks like she didn’t have what it takes to win the bom contest this month but she told me this morning she will try harder next month maybe flash her boobs when I take the picture lol


@Oldstoner what lights do you have in there very nice tent setup!! 4x4x8 tent?


Boobies always help! Lol she’s gorgeous though dude, great job!!



@Crackindaflesh thanks bud yeah it’s just the one that was the cheapest that day Ohuhu 4x4 x80 . The lights are 2 of the Meizhi 450 reflectors and a king 1000 watt cheapo I think 139 is the most I paid for any of them


Thank you @ktreez420 how are you today brother


Nice! yeah was reading your journal, you gAve me the idea of keeping items in amazon cart lmao…always checking you journals for the latest deals


I didn’t think she had a chance this month but she told me she wanted to try . The up close on this is so gooey it looks wet


They’re going to be an awesome smoke @Oldstoner! I’m good though, same old over here. Got work in a little, smoking my blunts now then showering. I have to do some bucket swaps tonight when I get home. I made some pickled banana peppers last night and I’m so proud of myself because they taste awesome already! Gotta pickle my hot peppers next, I have too many and I don’t want them to go to waste! I hate wasting!

How are you though dude?



Still sore but I think I have the scrog figured out I’m just going to shorten the legs of the table by 6 inches and that will allow me to build a scrog at 40 " off the ground and put my plants on the table and have the scrog at 18 " above the girls


Dude I had a lot of reading to do again all the notifications came today I have the tread set to watching but? IDK
:eyes: good brother :v:️ CB



Yummy :yum:
How much longer you thinking @Oldstoner
She looks great my friend


@Countryboyjvd1971 probably a couple of weeks still and that is still going to be a bit early she is just starting to eat herself for the last push but trichs are just cloudy


She looks great bro Well Done sir


Thanks bud


Well @ktreez420 and @yoshi . I think I may have finally found a way to scrog got the pots about 14 inches off the ground by cutting the legs of the table in half then if I put the scrog at16 inches above the pots it will bring the scrog up to 40inches off the ground and about 24 inches above the scrog until the lights start burning the plants .

. My question would be is 24" above the scrog enough room for the girls ? They will be in ffof and 5 gal smartpots the scrog is 32x32 with 100 3 inch holes . If I let the extra grow up and around the edges is that going to be big enough for 2 gold leaf and 2 ww ?