From seed to weed a boy and his scrog 2nd try Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf

Hello again . Thanks so much for all the help with the last grow .
The journal was so much fun to do I have decided to journal my second grow also .
Going to try and do a basic journal that a new grower can follow along with and see if any of the things I learned and want to apply to this grow will prove helpful . So today I sanitized and re set the tent had the seeds soaking over night and took them and put them in the soil .


Goodluck bro hope all goes well !!:metal::metal::metal:


Enjoy the ride @Oldstoner
:+1: Happy growing


Have fun!! I will be watching


Oh, I can’t wait to watch you grow in real time!

Questions: How big is your grow tent and what are you using for your ScROGing screen? Also how big are those pots? Lol, sorry for all the questions.

I’m thinking about doing the same thing next grow.

Have a great and healthy grow, my friend. :slight_smile:


Hi @Oldstoner, can you tell me what’s the purpose of the double pot system you have going on?

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I know you weren’t asking me, and I apologize for rudely jumping in but since I have the links handy I thought I’d share what I bought, similar.


I’m so glad I found it before I had to play alot of catch up!

Here you goooooo…


High @Noodles the double pot system lets me go ahead and water the soil gently but still only mist my plant and the soil around it as to not overwater the plant watering the whole thing is just the easiest way to help keep the humidity up . Then when it comes time to transplant I just pull that pot straight up and the hole is ready to treat with Azos and Mykos plus I will dust the roots themselves at that time . And @raustin lmao no problem on the questions as long as you don’t take my answers as gospel . This is only my second grow and first scrog so I am sure that I will have a ton of questions my self . First off the soil is fox farms ocean forest and the only change I made was totreat around the soil with Micronesia to let them get established. The pots are just regular heavy plastic 4 gallon pots on sale from lowes in the fall. I have 7 gallon smart pots but don’t want to use it this time my last grow the roots didn’t even take up the 4 gal. The scrog screen is just a divider for a large dog crate so you can put a dog on each side . My tent is 3 x 3 and the grate I am using is 32 x 32 I figured it was meant to be.


Lol, me too!

This will be my first time seeing someone else grow from the very beginning. I’m almost as excited as I would be for my own grow.


@Oldstoner, I know you’re new to this, but I saw those contest winning buds of yours! :wink:

Thanks for explaning the double pot too, very interesting and quite ingenious. I would have never thought of doing that.


@Oldstoner very interesting system, I’ll be following your grow to see how it goes, thanks so much for sharing.



Going to chime into this thread as much as possible as I’m growing the exact same strains, will be interesting to see the results! Sounds like you’ve set yourself up for success so lets hope it all goes well, good luck!


Well the girls decided to see what all the fuss about lights and air above the dirt was about and poked thier heads out to have a look around . Still 100 % germination with ilgm seed bank can’t say enough good things about this site.


the one on the right might be getting close to harvest :smirk:


Did they see their shadows? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope they are up and very happy


They are so cute at that age lol
Enjoy it they grow up so fast :sunglasses:


Quick update. All the girls are getting is a little mammoth p and some Aphrodities Extraction and all the NFTG is for is feeding the microbes and helping the root system . I mist the soil close to the plant and use the little squirt bottle to water every other day but only around the outside edge of the pot like in the picture . Hopefully this will encourage the root system to reach out in search of more water . They are seven days from first sprouting and I am very pleased with the progress they are making .

Gold leaf
And Girl Scout Cookies Extreme