From seed to smokeable



I was wondering if there is some total avg. timeframe you can relate to in regards for the whole process? For instance, germination, vegitative stage, flowering (depending on the strain), harvest, curing etc.?


For autos figure 4-6 weeks Veg time and 8-12 weeks flower time. So I would figure between 12-18 weeks for an auto. (Someone will correct me if I’m mistaken)

Photo plants (which will only flower when they receive a 12 hour dark period) tend to take longer in Veg (between 5-8 weeks) and a flower time of 8-12 weeks sonfigure start to finish between 13-20 weeks
(Again someone will correct me if I’m off in my timeframe)

With photo plants it would really depend on how big you want to finish the plants. You could switch the light cycle over earlier when they are smaller if you wanted to make them smaller when they finish.


If you are growing ILGM seeds on the “details” tab of your seed in the main sales site it will list flowering time averages - it going to depend on what you are growing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But 4-6 weeks veg and 8-10 weeks flower for hybrid photos is what’s ive experienced and 16 weeks total for auto-hybrids. (Soil, indoors, LED)

Sativas take a lot longer from what I’ve heard/read but I’ve only grown hybrids so no experience there😆

Harvest: drying 4-7 days
Curing: 2-4 weeks

Happy growing!


Thanks, I’ve seen that it is listed there. So could one assume that from day 1 that you use a wet towel for a seed and until vegetative stage it takes like 2 weeks, then avg. 6 weeks vegetative, 9 weeks flower for a strain with 60 days avg. flowering. and then finishing process, 2 weeks.In all, 19 weeks? :slight_smile:


5 months is a good estimate. Could be a couple weeks more or less indoors depending on how your grow goes.


Last year I had 4 / AK-47 plants and it was 5 months to the day from seed to cutting. Then another 2-3 weeks drying and another 2-3 weeks for curing. (Feminized seeds)


So a mid April start for mid October harvest? (outdoors)


Ur look’in at mid September for cutt’in,(Depending on what ur Trichomes look like) and end of October you should be laid back tok’in on a big fat hooter!!! Yee Haw!!! Checked my girls this morning and it just blows my mind how fast them buds grow!!! They went from hairy to actual bud starts overnight it seems like! I’ll get a pic up tomorrow!


@L4obo! Man O man, they are grow’in fast! Hopefully won’t take as long I think they will!? Enjoy the pics my man!!WEED 000 001WEED 000 004WEED 000 006WEED 000 007