From seed to Flower journal with pictures, First grow!

So here is my complete grow from when it popped from the soil until now, two and half weeks until harvest (hopefully). I took pictures every step of the way including my first attempt at LST, trying to scrog (which did not turn out well), changing my light 3 times and so many other things. I learned a lot so far and its pretty insane i cant wait until my next grow! I dont know how im going to be able to cut this girl down when shes ready because shes like my child. I would love to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks!


She looks wonderful! Looks sativa dominant. What strain? How long she been flowering?

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She is a sativa hybrid. Rojo dawg #15 is the strain, its a crossbreed of red headed stranger and chunk dawg. Shes almost 5 weeks into flower.


She is pretty. Being sativa dominant you could be 7 weeks away. This is amnesia haze (sativa dominant) week 4 and week 9. She went another 2 weeks after this.


The girl is looking wonderful. I don’t know how long you have left but it looks to be past 4 weeks. Once the pistils start turning an orange cooler, you need to monitor the trichomes. A jeweler loupe at 60x magnification will take the guess work out of the way equation.


Great first grow!

For the harvest window you should get a magnification device to monitor trichomes.

Good luck

I’m jealous!!! You’re first grow is looking like you’re a pro! Nice work. Got that green thumb going on.

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Thanks! I actually have a microscope i use to monitor trichomes. My pistils are about 40% orange right now so i know i have some time left. I was hoping for a Thanksgiving harvest but if its not ready im not chopping!

Heres what the tri’s look like as of yesterday.