From Seed to Bud article

you used to have a good blog posting entitled “From Seed to Bud” that I found quite helpful during my grow. I saved the series but now when I go to read it, it says it no longer exists.
Do you know what happened to it and how I can access it again?

Not sure what you are talking about. This?

If it was an older article or thread then it may have been deleted with the last round of upgrades to the site.

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There is a Grow Bible available somewhere on the site too. I think you can get to it from a link within the grow guides somewhere.

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From Seed to Bud – ILGM

It’s too bad it’s gone. It went through a grow pretty much every other day with advise and photos. I found it very informative in comparing with it

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The link is dead. Unfortunate.