From outside in dirt too inside to water

A question from a fellow grower:

this my first time to grow hydroponic i ordered and have miraclegrow hydroponic system it came with led light most white a few red and a couple of blue light its supposed to be easy apparently not im letting them set in water then putting them in a rapid root cube and putting them in the system i had better luck though with them outside first i just tranfered a few too the system quick question is that ok too do? from outside in dirt too inside to water? the plants i do have r perfect so i no its inbetween the germation and setting in the hydroponic system is the problem after they get a few inches tall the do great thanks for sending me more seeds im going to do more studying but if its ok too start them out side then move to the hydroponic system i will skip the problem im having. one more question will a bigger plant take all the nutritions from the littler plant?

1st. In order to move a plant from soil to hydro you have to be diligent in not damaging the roots. IN order to clean the roots from seedlings started in soil; One must fill up a bucket of water between 65-75 f; PH 6.0-7.0

Gently immerse plant in the water. This will allow the soil in the root aone to crumble, and by gently swishing the plant around you will eventually wash all the soil out of the roots and then be able to transplant to a hydro system.

If you want to grow hydro; Buy 1.5" Rockwool cubes. I have over a 90% germination rate with Rockwool and swear by it for propagation of seeds or clones. When I have a failure; I attribute the failure to a bad seed or my carelessness somewhere along the line. :slight_smile: