From My Experience Customer Service

It should not take days to respond to emails. When an order is canceled it should be explained to the customer how and when they will receive the refund. Some people say this is a good and reputable online seed bank. From my personal experience ILGM is not responding to my emails

No need to be using that language here.

You can expect delays due to covid and also they are in a different country so different time zone.
Being impatient must be tough. Relax a bit, if they said you get a refund then you shal get a refund.


@ILGM.Stacy, could you please see if we can help this member?


Someone should have responded. They are in busines, BUSINESS! If they can take my order (my MONEY) part of what I am paying for is Customer Service. My pre purchase research told me that IGLM had built it’s REP from great customer service. That is why I took a chance to buy from them. I’m sayin’ Great has not been my experience.

We get back to our customers within 24 hours max, but usually within 12 hours already.

Spamming and scolding every hour doesn’t speed up our response time, in fact, it only makes slow as you are creating confusion by opening double tickets and extremely long email threads.

My colleague will get back to you again within a few hours. :slight_smile:

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Spamming and scolding? I hope this has all been just an unfortunate chain of events and support does contact me. Support Angel Sarah did contact me to say that the delay was because it was the weekend. I didn’t get my questions answered, yet. But that was helpful, and I look forward to future contact and info from your colleague. Thank You Stacy.

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hey where did my post go? pretty sure no rules were broken.

I do understand the frustration from your side. We are here to help you out and we try the best we can to get back as soon as possible.

I will prioritize your issue, this will be resolved very shortly. :slight_smile:

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sorry didnt realize I left a link when I said that a different seedbank has better prices. thought that fell in the no link zone. cuz there is no link.
but inforce the rules as you see fit. thanks. wont happen again.

You just placed a space within the name and the .com so I think you were already aware of the forum rules.

Thanks for your understanding.

yeah, I am. thats why I didnt make a link. following the rules.