From indoor to outdoor

Few weeks ago I germinated an Autopilot XXL auto, it is a cross between a Big Bud XXL (that grows in temperate weather) and a ruderalis.

She sprouted outdoor and was taking a couple of hour in the early morning. After few days I realized she was having a heat stress even in the shade and she had some light burn. Day temps were 86 - 88.

I moved her indoor under 3 × 23 w CFLs and she is doing well. But I can’t keep her inside.

Now she is having 2 weeks from sprout. I would like to hear from you WHEN and HOW to move her outside in plain sunlight without stressing her. Weather Forecasting expect high temps 86 - 90 till the first days of September.

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Please I want to hear your opinions before taking some actions. Thank you guys.

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If you have some shady area that you could put them. Little bit of light but not direct would be better.
If you could give them another week inside that would help them to get a bit more established before going out.


Move her out gradually. A few hours of full sum per day then rent of day in partial sun or shade. Gradually increase that over couple weeks and you should be good.


I agree with @dbrn32 100% I have to harden off 1000’s of plants on my farm and the gradual approach is how I do it. I start with placing them in the shade for 1 hr. Increase that hour each day by 1 hour. By day 3 start getting them an hour of direct sun and increase that each day as well. By day 7 they should be good to go. If you get any cloudy days you can cheat it by leaving them out as long as its cloudy and shorten the week.


Thanks for the fast replies. Would you LST her outdoor?


I am not an outdoor grower and would follow those suggestions. I may add when choosing a strain choose one suitable for you climate and time of year. Even though I grow indoors, I am looking at / for strains that do better in cooler temps and less humidity because fall and frost will be arriving in 6 - 8 weeks.


I agree with @dbrn32 and @Bow4Buck My wife had a plant that every day she would put outside for a hour and then extended her time each day.


@beardless you are right about the choices of the strains. When I bought my seeds I was completely ignorant but I had them and now I should plant them.

@Deepsix do you mean to put her outside for an hour and then bring her back in under the lights?

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yes then the next day take her out for a little longer and then back in under the lights till she harden up

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Start gradually as the others said. I start my outdoor girls with just a few hours of morning sun a day, for a week or so, then put in a place to get all day sun after they are hardened up.

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@dbrn32 @Bow4Buck What do you think about something like this? A semi mini open greenhouse :joy: Forget the light of course. I am a little bit lazy to move her outside inside every time :see_no_evil:

Thank you! Do you put them back under the lights or in shade?

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I’d top after 4 node then lst. Its an auto right?

Yes she is a quick auto, should take 60 - 65 days. I am afraid to top her since she was stunt for a couple of days when she got sun burn.

judging by the size now she would be fine to top in a week or so.

I will take it into consideration! Let us see first how she will do outdoor first for the next week. :v::v:

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Not sure about that. let me tag some one @Cannabian he grows in a green house. What do you think?

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In the shade, once outside, they don’t come back in.


I love this slogan lol! Do you have any thoughts about the mini roof with pics above to make shade artificially. Or the heat would hurt her?