From Hydro to Soil - How deep to trans-plant?

Hi ~
Started a Hydro grow from clone of “Bubba Kush”, and it was not going well. Put them in soil, and they seem to be doing OK, now the question is - when I transplant them should I leave the soil level the same or “bury” some of the stalk (more roots?). Thanks in advanceIMG_4885

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Keep the soil level the same. You’ll actually get less roots if you bury it deeper at this point.

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3high5you Thanks. I also was wondering if I should bury some of the stalks. Mine are only a few days into germination and the true leaves are coming out. Maybe they need more light since the stalks are almost three inches below the leaves. The pictures I see seem to leaf out lower than mine.

Can you attach a photo, @Santiago ? It sounds like that are stretching and should be buried with about an inch above the soil if possible.

So it sounds like “burying” depends on when and how much the plant has grown…thanks!

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Yes, for young seedlings, the cells in the lower part of the stem are still able to become roots and to shoot out little helpers. A fully developed stalk like the one on the clone above will not.

I hope this picture comes through. Do you think I should add more light?

Yes, definitely more light! Also, it looks like they’re sitting in water? You want then moist, not saturated. Are you keeping them under a humidity dome of some sort?

Lower your light ASAP.
What are you using for them?
Also a small fan to move the air around them will help them to get a healthy and harder stem

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Thank You
I’m growing them in a 46 gallon empty aquarium in my living room. They are
White Widow so I’m hoping they will be compact and not too fussy.
I just changed out the light and put in a much more powerful LED panel.
I do have a small fan running. I know that at some point I’ll need to add
even more light.
Currently I’m seeing one root in one of the peat plugs. Later I expect to
transfer them to three inch peat pots while I get my potting soil
Then I will transplant again into seven gal grow bags. Later in the veg
phase I’ll need to build a cage above them so my cat does not molest the
plants and get stoned.
Your thoughts are valued. Am I on the right track now? Cheers

That all sounds great, @Santiago! Veg them til they are half the size you want them to be in the end, then flip the light to 12 on and 12 off. You’re definitely on the right track. Good luck, and enjoy! :smiley:

This is the grow light I had in my basement. I just hooked it up. I will be
looking for better lights soon. Something with clamps to hold onto the
aquarium or future cage frame.

That is not enough for them… See if you can lower that light but be careful not to burn them… What distance is from light to the top of your seedlings?

Thanks. This site and the members have been nothing if not helpful. This is
my first attempt at growing in 40 years and I’m taking it seriously.
All the best.


Santiago ~

I am using the same light (I am using two of them) and my plants are about 3-5 inches from the light. Hope that helps, and good luck.
Sure you want to grow them in your living room - you must trust ALL your friends! :slight_smile:
Good Luck!

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The light is about 11 inches above the leaves. I could lower it by propping
it up on something inside the tank If I had to. It would at this stage be
easier to raise the seedlings than lower the lamp. LED is not hot but
should I be concerned about getting too close?
Oh yes, I trust all my friends. one is giving me a clone.
I’m not concerned about being busted, here in Massachusetts you can have
six flowering and six in veg state. :sunglasses:
Again I’m grateful to all.

Here in California, laws are similar, but I do not trust my friends not to tell someone they know, or come in at the last minute and harvest… :-). Again best wishes for success. I have had my lights 3 - 5 inches since the start, and I have not had any burn (so far).

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Just be careful not to burn them

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