From healthy to DEAD overnight


This sounds and looks like the pictures above. Also the climate is quite the same I guess so this realy could be your problem (which sounds real bad).
Nice article you found @PhantomFarmer


This sounds really bad but that one picture in that artical looks just I like it. I am going to research this some more. Thank all of you so much


Hi…sorry for not answering sooner but I’ve sort of feel hopeless. I’ve been reading on that strange parasite that attacks the roots and those pics look just like the roots I pulled up. I have never heard of that parasite before"Root Knot Nematodes". Is it a common thing? Anyways maybe that’s not the problem and I can save the rest. The strain is suppose to be “church”…feminized seeds from UK. I believe it came from a place called Attitide?? They are outside in beds…same beds I used last year with no prob. My friend mixed the soil…same as last year…dont know exactly what he puts in it but I know it is all good. My ph of water after mixing in fish fertilizer and sometimes thrive is 6.7 and the ph of soil after feeding is 6.7. My plants are still in veg I believe. They are not drying out very fast which concerns me but the plants roots that I pulled up were not slimy and did not smell. They just had those tumor looking growths on them. I’ve been told those could be a number of things from nutrient build up to something to do with good bacteria. I will send some more pics. The one with white on leaf is how it starts
Looks like a paint brush stroke of white. Then it turns yellow and the whole leaf is burnt. Leaves curling up. It all happens fast. The last pic is my next almost “gone” plantb6b3321f7091bf18600c442ca51cbd3957c1a653_1_375x500


If you’ve been reading up on nematodes, then you know more about them than I do. Once you have root problems, any bizarre thing can happen. I have one I set out knowing it had a little root rot and it’s been a white knuckle thrill ride all season long, but I think it’ll make to to the finish line.


Is it p[possible for an animal to be pissing on your plants?
A hit of strong urine with those temps being high would spell quick death.


I just pulled up another plamt…this is killing me…any ways my roots looked healthy . Oh of soil was 6.7. Not soggy or stinky. But I did notice a few…not many webs…ibe been treating them for spider mites for over a month now just in case my first hunch was right. I’ve been using neem…captain Jack and a sesami oil mixture along with soap water. Been alternating but obvoiously none of it has worked. Is thete somethong drastic and strong i can use to wipe those out. I have 4 plants left and i need to save them…here are some more pics…im pretty blind but with the zoom in camera I can see something. What is that parasite that leaves waxy shine on leaves? Some are twisted and deformed


Ps they are not flower in yet…but soon… I need to hit them with something strong now before flower. I am enclosing a picture of my trooper. She is special to me. When sprouting she came up tap root first (they say that doesn’t happen but it does) so I gently turned her over and then when her shell …hull …armor? …camw off she had no leaves…obviously she did…micro small. Everyone said toss her she will not make it. I coyld not gine up on her… she is one of my 4 still alive…pls help


@michelkirwin how’s the girl doing??? Have you started flowering yet???