From germination to grow


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

The germination pdf says to use a 36w cfl light. Does it need to be on all day and is there a preferred temperature for the light?


I go 18/6 up to flower. Difference is height & power of lighting


Keep the light on 24/7 until it breaks soil then go 18/6 until flower.


If I have an LED growlight can I use that instead of the cfl bulbs? I have the autoflowering seeds so my understanding is that they will flower on their own regardless of the amounts of light so would I keep the light on 24/7 till they break the soil then 18/6 until harvest? Would I also keep the LED grow light 2 inches away until the plants get a little large then move it about 10 inches or would it be different for an LED grow light?


Welcome to the forum @Heidinstacy! Can you link what kind of LED light you are thinking of using? Most certainly and they are better than CFLs. You just need the right kind if your talking A19 bulbs. I’m going to tag our resident light expert @dbrn32 to give you some help here.


Which grow light do you have? Generally speaking you would run a light further away for germination and then gradually work the light closer as the plants mature. Too much light intensity when they are young can kill them.


I am on a limited budget and this one came with my tent 45W LED Grow Light, UNIFUN I know it’s not the best but the reviews on amazon were really good for it.


Looks like the ratio of blue to red leans towards the red quite a bit. You should be able to germinate with that, I would just watch for them to stretch.

I would see how it does about 12” or so above. How many plants do you plan on growing? That light will struggle to cover more than one.


Thank you for the recommendations. If I got 3 more would that help for 3 plants? Or is there a different light I should look at that would better suit my plants? I am planning on growing the autoflower mix pack starting with 1 seed from each (Amnesia Haze, blueberry, northern lights).


i would also like to note that my tent is 36"x36" if that makes any difference.


You would need quite a bit more light just to maximize the growth on one plant really. If you’re tight on budget I wouldn’t recommend buying several weak lights, but that’s just me. Instead I would save up and buy something that would allow you to do the best within your space. If you plan on continuing to grow you’ll get there anyway. Spending on temporary band aids just ends up being a waste in the end


A 450w (200 true watts) Viparspectra LED light fixture that will cover a 2x2 area costs $115 on Amazon right now. It cost me $140 6 months ago. Just to put costs into perspective. You might spend a lot more piecemealing something together that equals those watts.


this one?


Yup! That’s the one :sunglasses:


Great! So same suggestions as above: 12" away from the plants, and 24/7
until it breaks soil and 18/6 until flowering. Sine they are auto flower
do I just keep it 18/6 till harvest?


No. The Vipar wants 36-40" for Seedlings/Clones, 24" for vegging and 15-18" for flowering.

on the light schedule that sounds good. You can keep 18/6 for flowering.


thank you so much for the help!


No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile: