From day 14 to 21, huge height difference

Hello all, see info and pics below.
At day 14 I had two plants that were similar in size. Now on day 21 their physical characteristics are quite different. Both look healthy to me, but I am a rookie. Is this cause for concern?

Strain: Blue Dream (Garden of Green) - started from seed
Method: Coco w/ perlite (70/30) and Dr Earth 4-4-4
Vessels: Plastic starter pots
PH of Water: 5.8 w/ CaMg
PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution
Indoor - 2’x4’ tent
Light system: Spider Farmer SF2000 set at 40% at 22" on 18/6
Temps; Day 74 Night 72
Humidity; Day 40 Night 42
Ventilation system; two 4" in-line fans, one exterior feeding, one interior extracting
Humidifier on low 24/7
Co2; No

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They look like they are ready for looks like your plants are stretching also. You might have your light to far up?how far away from your plants is your light?you might need to bring it down closer to the plants.
Happy growing👍


Indeed, planning on transplant later today actually. I should have mentioned that!


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May want to keep a support rod nearby for the one on the left

The one on the left stretched alot the spacing between nodes is really far apart. Seems like it wanted more light and never got it so it just kept stretching up. They look healthy though and it will be fine.

More info: light set at 40% output at about 22" above rim of pot. Which puts it 10" above the tall plant on the left.

If there in veg its a sf2000 id crank that baby up and just adjust the high and give them as much light as they can handle.

Goofy question, since I have such a height disparity, where should I set my height from?

@dbrn32 is the light pro. I run 1000w mh hps. So I wouldn’t know what to set it at all I know is mine is running at 100 percent all the time and I just adjust the height. But maybe he can help

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Set the shorter plant up on something to get the tops an equal distance from the light

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Not to be Debbie downer but I am getting a male vibe from the taller one. No evidence, just a gut reaction. Maybe watch it closer.


I was thinking to but didn’t want the bad juju lol

Was hoping its just stretch


Did you start these plants under a different light? Even at 40% and 2’ above canopy, I don’t feel like your plants should have stretched that much under sf2000.

I thought the same thing as soon as i looked at then together. Not a light issue in my opinion. Looks like a male. Males grow faster and lankier in my expierience

No, same light the entire time. I was at 30% for about 8-9 days, then cranked up to 40%.

Day 26 update, I think I’ve concluded that this is a Potassium deficiency, looking for a little feedback from those of you who have helped so far. @Sincitytoker @Dieselgrow1031 @HMGRWN @dbrn32 @GhostGrow

I transplanted into 2 gallon pots on day 23. My original soil recipe is above. It is now day 26.
I transplanted into the following:
75% Fox Farm 70/30 Coco Perlite Mix
25% worm castings
Mixed with 2 TBSP Dr Earth 4-4-4 per gallon
Used about 1 TBSP Mykos for each plant
Moved light to 24" above soil surface (which is about 18" above the “good” plant)

Here’s the juicy stuff, finally got the equipment and did some testing.

Slurry test for PH with distilled water and BlueLab PH pen.
Took soil sample near stem to capture soil from the starter pot
Took soil sample of the new material that I used to transplant into

Tall plant
Near stem 7.5
New transplant soil 7.8

Short plant
Near stem 7.1
New transplant soil 7.0

I then conducted a run off test with dechlorinated tap water at PH 5.8. No other additives. 75oz to each plant.

Tall Plant
PH 6.6
TDS 4227
EC 8454

PH 6.6
TDS 3945
EC 7891

So many questions…for starters…if soil slurry PH is so different, how could the runoff result be the same?

And how best to treat what I think is a Potassium issue.

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Holy stretch batman… how far is your light from your plant? Might wanna lower it a bit. Just my 2 cents.


Careful. Sf 2000 will stunt them. I still can’t get mine closer than 12 inch from colas after a few weeks in flower