From coco coir to soil

After 3 yrs in coco I’m returning to my old standby. To many variables for my liking. To many problems as I like to keep it simple stupid.
So with that said, I’m running a mix I’ve never tried before. 60 happy frog 40 ocean forest and 20 percent growstones.
Any ideas on this mix, any thing I can add to boost my mix. I’ll use the lucas formula KISS.

By the way that on forum name kills me…lol

By the way Welcome to ILGM the finest form on the net and the fokes here are just awesome. Just cruse around and you will agree.

But Late wood would be the man to answer that and I’m sure as day he will jump in.
He has me sold on this medium called ProMix Bx ii to am a so guy but my results to be quite honest hasn’t been all that great. So I decided into work with him on re-doing my soil mixture.
I was suffering the net and found this interesting on soil mix…check it out

Its quite interesting. Its got my attention.

B Safe

Thank you, I’ve read that, alot of others too. I like to keep it basic, with out to much work. I have a real bad back so keeping it to minimum is a must. The weight of the soil compared to coco is enough to send me back too coco lol…I’ll have to experiment with this for awhile. When I first started growing my own 10 yrs ago I used plain ol ffof with great results. A friend of mine talked me into coco because it’s so light but I’ve had poor results, and after 3 yrs of messing…I give up, back to basics with what ever additives that will help along the way. Take care for now.

Also, I’m wondering if I am wasting soil by transplanting from 1 gal to 3 gal for flower. I’m wondering if I just flowerin 1 gal will I get the same yeild as I only veg for a week or so after the 3 gal transplant. Any thoughts

In my opinion 1 gallon would be too restrictive, Ive tried 3,5 and 7 gallon pots and the 3 gallon were too restrictive, side by side the 3 gallon is clearly noticeably smaller than the plant in the 3 gallon pot. While the plant in the 7 gallon did use the extra room, the plant didn’t appear to be noticeably larger so I stuck with 5 gallon pots