From beginning to end

Is four months a lot from beginning to end because I started in November and it’s March and the plants gg and amnesia haze still have white hairs and clear trychomes.


Yeah, 120ish days plus the couple 2-3 weeks you might have left seems like a lot

From beginning to end depends on how long you veged.

amnesia haze has a flowering period from 8 to 10 weeks, have seen grow logs that took 12 weeks

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I hear ya. I started my GG auto on 12/30. Same boat as you. A ton of white hairs still.

Do you have a pic? Id like to compare to mine. (you show me yours, I’ll show you mine lol)

My photos sprouted around Christmas and I’m about 3 weeks from harvest after vegging for a month. 120 is completely normal. May seem long when first starting though

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Thanks for all your replies I really appreciate it I harvest my northern lights two days ago and I started nov1 and it came out good taste but not strong at all I guess it wasn’t ready yet the trychomes weren’t amber but I thought that it was to long I guess I’ll learn after this batch. My bb was started nov 15 and my gg nov12 how do they look.

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Here is the pictures

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Beautiful! Nice job on the trimming too! As far as ‘stronger’ goes, I’ve read that the ‘curing’ process is what really develops the THC and flavor. Hopefully your NL gets better tasting/stronger over time.

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Almost every first time grower harvest early there’s basically nothing no one could have told you to change your mind. These things are learned with experience. Good job!

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No doubt @Bluntsmoke! Harvested my first grow probably a good 2-3 weeks too soon.

Grow and learn! :+1:t3:

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The seed details and times frame expected yield are in perfect conditions

Thanks for all the replies my bb is next then my GG. The only funny thing is that my bb auto from the beginning it looked like the leaves were dead but I kept growing it now it’s almost time I see the trychomes are still clear so I’m going to try to wait until I see some Amber ones then I’ll harvest.

I still find it hard to see the difference between the clear and cloudy. Sometimes i think it’s just shadows and angle of lights. Definitely can see amber when thru develop.

Keep checking them. Don’t go too soon. You’ve put so much time and energy to rob yourself.

Continued success.

Thank you for all your replies it really helps me out. The only thing I really get confused about is that it be saying like 8, 9, 10, and so on weeks to flower, but sometimes it takes about a month and the plants are really small then I had one of them that as soon as I transplanted the nuggets started right away but when it reaches 8 weeks it still has mad white hairs then it turns to orange but the trychomes have never turned amber and I started in November unless I’m just blind. I use two different types of magnifying glasses one hand held and the other one I use one that I could use my phone or computer and I still haven’t been able to see an Amber color on none of my plants. What do you suggest someone told me instead of using my phone use the computer. And also I don’t use a grow room I just have them in my living room with lights on them do you think that’s enough light. I use to leave the lights on for 20 hours and off for 4 and now I’m just giving it like 14 hours lights and 10 hours off. Somebody HELP me. Thank you

New grower here but all I can say is chill out a bit. When there’s some amber you’ll see it. My last harvest was 4 plants, I took the best plant 1st because I was impatient. My weakest plant was harvested last and looking thru the usb microscope was about 20% amber. That weakest plant is by far the most potent. Moral of the story: yes you can harvest early and enjoy but if you can wait a bit longer you’ll forget this post ever existed

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That’s what I’m using. And no, if yer plants are just hanging around the living room that’s probably why they’re not finishing as fast as you’d like

Thank you that’s the same microscope I have one last question, Do you use ur phone or a computer.

I use an iPad but my phone works well too

Hey @Flexmatic The grow guides for strain development are for grows in ideal conditions, which most of us will never achieve. So take the time as just an estimate. Your plants will develop. I am going on 10 weeks flowering for my Blueberry and still very glassy clear trichomes. I just have to let her do her thing.

As @Pinboy said, you can harvest when you want, but you will not have the effects you might be looking for.

Continued success.

I need one of those microscopes!

Hey I really need help I know it’s time to harvest even though I don’t see the reddish trychomes. I need help do I harvest when the plants are dry or wet and when I hang them upside down how long should I dry each plant for because after like 2 days the buds be getting a little hard what am I doing wrong. Should I cut all the leaves before drying or after. And when I cure it how long for each plant. The last thing is that I’ve tried each plant and they are very good right now but I don’t see the reddish trychomes should I harvest them or wait. And one more thing I started each plant on November 15 to December 1 that’s 5 months should I harvest. Here are the pictures of my four last plants. Please help me. Thank you