From A Customer: Clawing and Yellowing On New Growth, Red Stems. Any Help Greatly Appreciated!

A message from an ILGM customer:

Clawing and yellowing on new growth and old growth looks fairly healthy

Red stems but not branches

No fruiting or budding have broke I have not over fed it

Fox Farm Happy Frog Jump Start Potting Mix

All purpose at week 5

Fruit and Flower at wk 1 of flower

Phosphorus 12 days ago for the first time and phosphorus again 2 days ago for the second time along with fruit and flower again in a 3 ply 18 gal tote watered in MYCO+ I moved it outside because I needed the space and because its cold tonight 11/25/21 31°F I moved it back inside please help

Thanks in advance

Background information:
Humidity start 88%+ through to 2nd week, then 48%:arrow_down:, once I see the cotyledons dimming to a slight yellow I then transfer them to there main homes about 3wks+ at 5½ wks I amend the soil with FF HF All purpose 6-4-9 dried amendments along with worm castings

At the earliest signs of flower I amend the soil with FF HF Fruit and Flower throughout the whole process I water in liquid kelp(LK)/unsulfured molasses(UM)/epsom salt(ES)

2 tbls LK, 2 tbls UM, ¼ tsp or 2ml of ES

Target temps are 88° to 66°

66° during light schedule

88° during sleep cycle


Under 600w TSL MarsHydro

Indoor for the life cycle and outside during the every 25 day flush following the next 3 days I re-amend with suggested dose of fruit and flower + 4 tbls of worm castings and 3 tbls of All Purpose

I just started foliar feeding the leaves(11/28/21) with 1ml of Pure Blend Tea botanicare and .75cc of fish emulsion

Foliar Sprayed daily just after lights out

Had spider-mites been dealing with that with Essential Oils:

Lemongrass 8 drops

Orange 4 drops

Peppermint 10 drops

Cayenne powder 1 tbls

Garlic water 2 tbls

Dish soap ¼ tbls

Added to a handpump sprayer with 78° water phd to 5.8 so it doesn’t burn the leaves on both foliar spray and essential spray

Soil pH 6.7

H²0 pH 6.2-6.4

I did have pH fluctuations and I corrected it quickly by added a air stone to my cistern

Repeating this schedule

Leaf stems turning red found to be lack of Phosphorus in my room. I add 6 Tbls 0/6/0 liquid bone meal per. gal… 2Tbls Mag. per gal for spots on lower leaves. Rite from start up after leaves start to come out. PH always between 6/7. Flush every 3 Wks because i use MG.fert/soil (20/20/20 during veg Half tsp) (15/3015 during bloom half Tsp). Because of moneys. Grows very nice Temps/hum./air/soil temp with in range with constant manipulation. Not sure about your other prob… I try to keep air temp no higher than 80’ no less Than 70. Soil 65 to 70. day or night. As best I can. Hope this helps.