From a cold living room to flower

Hello everyone hope you’re all doing well. Thank you in advance for any feedback. I have a question and I will make it a short and sweet as possible. Made two homemade tents. Turning the first one into a flower tent unfortunately the three I have in the tent are way too big already. The second tent is full of babies a month-and-a-half old. I need to stagger out the three big plants so I have room in my flower tent. My question is can I take one plant and put it in my living room where it’s about 65 to 70 degrees at all times and when I’m done with my first Harvest take it from the living room and put it back in the flower tent straight from where it’s at? As long as it’s healthy of course. Or do I need to put it back in a veg tent and get it used to the warm lights again?

So while in the front room is it gonna be under any kind of lighting its reall not good to jump temps at a real fast pace and alot at once they say keep the day and night temps within 10 to 15 degree of eachother. I think as long as the tent is not more than 75 to 80 u should be ok maybe for a day before u put back in flower room put a space heater by her to warm the area a bit more slowly so she is getting some warmer before. But i think lighting would be a big part if she wont have any light or window light only but window would have to stay open as to the glass blocks out uv rays the plants need. Hope this helps some. Maybe @Covertgrower can ring in a good answer or a right one if i may be wrong

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65-70 is fine. Getting proper lighting might be a larger issue.

Yes I will have it under some type of light. Enough to keep it from going into flower. Unfortunately the wall heater I have in my living room it sucks. To keep a good temperature change in my living room would cost me an arm and a leg and it wouldn’t be worth it. I’m a single dad on a very tight budget. Trying to make do with what I got. When putting the mother’s back into flower I will definitely acclimate them back to a normal temperature. I wanted to put them into flower two months ago but I wanted to make sure I had starts to replace them. Got the starts to replace the mothers after they’re done but then the mothers ran into some health issues. So out of the three mothers I have in the soon-to-be flower tent I need to take two of them out cuz they’re too big. I’m going to leave one in and put a few babies in. When they’re done I’ll put one of the other mothers in in a couple of the other babies.