From 5days to 8 need VOTE


Had 2-300 W led lights and a small 2 x 2 x 4’ tent now in a 48 x 24 x 60" tent now with 3-300watt leds with my 2 -100watt cfl 1750lm for side light I want to put up my trellis net but I think they should go way longer!!! whenever I change light cycles I’m gonna leave it off for 24 hours and then go to 12 on 12 off when do you think that should be from seed to pot 23 days old today ( after midnight where I am ) give me some times more thoughts to get the most out of these two girls that I have only showing one picture of one plant from day 19 to day 23 almost 22 so 3 to 4 days of growth this tent is as big as I got strain is super skunk Fem ilgm

in three days


i would go to the grow section haha :wink:


Ladies & Gentleman It if forbidden to talk about growing in the Members Lounge it’s policy …Sorry to to be the party pooper :neutral_face: but i have to ask you to remove these comments Or Better yet Move it to the grow journels or other appropriate place on the forum .thanx in advance … @Hogmaster,@Bushgrower @Usmcjojo …( And @Yoshi you know better, lol this is me wagging the finger at you my friend – Lmao .:smiling_imp:) .ill leave this alone for a day or two . But Read And Heed … Hammer


sweet as bro


Did not even pay attention Hammer ,my mistake was just trying to get caught with the forum .


I removed and had a flag one of them to get it to go away head in ass sorry