Frist time grower - Seeking guidance step by step

Hello There,

I have just signed up today and I am a new bee to growing. I have been googling and youtubing in and about through every step along the way till i found this website which I believe is the ultimate expert that i could seek guidance from.

So far it has been one month for her growth and keeping all the patience and excitement to see the flowers. The reason why I am posting is to make sure that i am on track and as mentioned earlier that i am seeking guidance through every step along the way.

The seeds which i have used were once collected while i smoked them. I really cannot tell which breed they are or whether if they are feminized or not but with all you guys around i hope to get the best from you all.

I have trimmed off the bottom leaves as well to give more focus and energy to the top parts of the plants.

My grow space medium is a spcae bucket.
The lights used are FCL (2x100W).
In flow for air USB Fan.
Nutrients - Sea Weed Extract

Since i wasn’t sure of the sex of the plant I germinated 2 more seed which also has great growth at moment but sooner or later i will have to transfer them but I really don’t have the space to grow them. Can I plant the new 2 into the same pot?

Here are some few recent pics.


Hi Mikey and welcome to the forum. I’m a new guy also and the only thing I can comment on is planting 2 plants in the same pot. I’ve read that it isn’t suggested because it will cause the plants’ roots to compete for resources which could reduce yield.

They all look pretty healthy though. I’m guessing by the leaves, some kind of Sativa. Keep up the good work.


Thank you :hugs:

Hey buddy. Congrats on your grow. Everything looks good from what I can tell. I’m no expert, but I do have tons of experience in gardening. If you need anything, just holler at me like this @HornHead. Tell us your lights and everything else. Again, if you need anything, holler at me. If I don’t know, I can find someone who does. Here’s my current grow


Hey mate, its a big No on putting them in the same pot. You’ll get roughly the same yield as just 1 in a pot and usually number of plants is the big restriction law wise but if your in a legal state then not so much. You’ll just create more problems and learn less if you double them up, my suggestion is keep em all separate and if you need to remove them for space then outside they go when they’re a little stronger. Not ideal but IMO better then either doubling them up or culling them. Best of luck they look healthy :wink:


Welcome @Mikeydv7

Your plants are looking great. Like the others said only one plant per pot.

I veg in space buckets as well using 4 x 100 watt CFL’S and one 100 w LED. Which gives me about 105 true watts total.

I use to flower in the buckets as well but was not getting the yield I wanted. So I invested in a flowering tent. Much better yields now.

I’m fairly new here as well. I have 4 grows completed so far and would not be where I am without the wonderful knowledgeable people on this site. You came to the right place.

Any questions just ask.


Hey there @Mikeydv7 you have your answer regarding the pot, can I just ask how long did you have your seeds before your germination day I’m just wondering how far back that they go back it might be a clue about what might off been the plants you were having then. Your plants look great so hold on for the ride lol :v:

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Ohh well when it comes to the seed I was very doubtful first of all whether if the seeds would germinate or not. However these seed are from the year of 2013-14, I saved many seeds and kept them in a cool and dry area in my cupboard. Hopefully i get the best out of them.

Thank you for the suggestion but however i don’t actually have that space to grow since this is my first time, I will be grateful for whatever i get. But for my next grow i will definitely try to make something better. I just tired to maximize the available resources that i had.

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I have no likes left lol, I think you couldn’t do it better they are beautiful plants, if you don’t keep them all maybe you mite know someone that would be able to take them, but your own safety comes first if you do not want anyone to know your business just do your best and stick you the forum we are all like minded people in a sense and we want to share our experiences with you and help you when we can ok :v:️ and keep growing please keep me updated :+1:

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Hello Everyone :wave:

So far i am in love with this one as well and its growing up straight and so far so great.

Here are few updates and few questions that i have. I go by one by one

  1. This photo was just taken moments ago and it gets me excited to see it grow bigger!

  2. A lil bit closer

  3. Can you please assist me with the below images, are they showing any signs of the sex or is it just the fan leave growing? Or what is really going on here?

  4. What can i do about these stems as they are growing side ways and earler i had topped of the leaves that were growing and I really don’t know if i had did it at the correct of topping them.

  5. I have these LED bulbs, can they be helpful for my grow with different colors?

Thank you once again for all your support :hugs: