Frist time autoflower indoors plants are 3 weeks but are only 5 6 inches tall is that what i should expect?

My plants are 3 weeks old but only 5 6 inches is this right?


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Pictures are worth a thousand words

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In addition to pics, please add details.
Source of seeds:
What is your grow medium:
what is your environment:

There are a lot of great people here that want to help you succeed, but we need more details.

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Here is someone’s 3 week old plants. This is about right. I have seen them taller sometimes, but the amount of vegetation seems right. Sometimes they take a little longer to get to this point. After three weeks and especially for autoflowers they will start to grow faster. The first few weeks seem like it takes forever to see progress. Like watching a pot boil.


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One month, and 4 inches tall, OK with me. ILGM MAUI WAUI

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