Friends hate free weed. I still can't figure this one out

Full disclosure… I took all of these quotes out of context.

I really wanted to comment on Arrow’s thread, but I wanted to hijack the comments because I love it. I grow for me and my family. But I love to grow… so I end up with more than I need so I give most of it away. I made a personal decision to never sell, so it’s freed me to say f#ck-it to anyone who doesn’t like what they get for free.

And if what I grow doesn’t suit your tastes, I get it. And I’ve learned not to give two sh!ts about anyone’s opinion but my own (and OlyGirl).

One of my favorites was from someone who said they liked the “higher thc stuff”. whatever… So I came back with pressed hash and keif and a temple ball.

did anyone get the license plate of the blimp that just hit me? :rofl:

maybe try drying some buds to ~40% RH?

I know right?

Sorry, Bill. My bad.


I believe someone also reportedly heard Bill Gates say I don’t recall being on that plane.


Hahaha,fjb and def fbg :rofl::joy:


Get em. Haha. Love when people complain about free stuff. Lol.


Then they’re complaining you aren’t giving them the free weed they bitch about

I’d say try giving them one of those but nahhhh


I can honestly say no one ever complains about my weed and they pay 100 bucks a quarter. When I sell it. And one guy has gotten off opiates and a cpap machine with my weed. I’m proud of that one. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


I am having a problem with adding a quote. That is awesome that you product had helped that person. :v:


I’ll never have to hear about someone complaining about my weed. I just throw away stuff I don’t smoke. :v::sunglasses:


I have been giving my excess to a buddy that lives in a neighboring state. It turns out that he gives most it to a buddy of his that has cerebral palsy who claims that he has been able to put his feet flat on the floor for the first time in years. I have had no complaints from the two that I give it to for free.


I gave him an ounce the last time he came by! I’m stoked that my weed helped him! I pretty much give him smoke. A solid dude!:sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


That is just great. The world needs more of this. I would be stoked if I was able to do that for someone. Unfortunately the only people I know that partake are on this form. Keep up the great work! :blush::v:
Out of likes :heart::heart:


We have ways to get things where they are needed no matter how far away you are :wink::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


I’m in California. I ain’t giving no weed away period :v:


I’ll get right on that. I’ll be sure to take em and throw them in the oven at 150° for about 2 hours so they can have their old school hay. :joy:

I’ll take one of those.

That’s the trick, I think. I’ve “sold” to a few people in really limited context - can’t afford to actually sell and lose my license - but the people who bought it loved it and had nothing but praise. The people who get “gifts” are predisposed to believe it’s less-than, for some reason. Psychological value. Not that everyone complains about free - my brother smoked up 2 ounces no grief, and I’ve got a steady supply on hand for my mother in law. Two or three others have told me to go open a dispensary (cuz thats easy). It’s just the “your bud is too wet” folks who kill me. @DebbieM can attest that very same weed arrived to her way too dry so it’s confusing.

Amen to that. We’re everywhere, it’s not too hard to help stuff travel.


Beautiful mushie @First


I offered to let a buddy help himself to a “little” once, he reached in and gently picked out a bud, sniffed it, put a little piece in a bowl. Then deranged and bug-eyed, proceeded to Full Greedy Fist grab into the bucket grabbing all but a few buds, I slammed that bucket lid closed, removing a good portion of the skin off the back of his hand and forearm so fast…
Last Time I let anyone help themselves, he’s never gotten anything again that I wasn’t smoking and sharing.


I normally put nickel size or smaller buds with the larf in a 5 gal bucket with a air tight gamma seal. This is for edibles, tinctures, bubble hash . I have a friend who is always borrowing money. So I gave him the entire bucket. It had to be over 2 pounds . This wasn’t my best weed ,but you can get some good smoke from nickel size bud. This guy called me to complain about the quality. His number is now blocked in my phone.


As I stated above… :point_up: … What an idiot! :man_facepalming:

I’ve been giving some to a co-worker when I found out that she and her husband were partaking. At first it was just to get a second opinion on my cannabis since I don’t sell or share that much. Let’s just say that they haven’t had to go to a dispensary for the last 3 years…
What they did to thank me since I refuse any money: They bought me a Mars-Hydro TS1000 to thank me the second year and last season they bought a bunch of air pots for me!
Everybody wins! :smile:


Thank you!!


I like your story better :point_up:, good ending with a base-level decent human moral.