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My friend gave me two indoor plants and I was wondering since I live in fl and have only grown outdoors what I should do it’s in the colder season and don’t have the funds to grow indoors.
They are about 4 to 5 inches tall and have two to three nodes on them. I have one in black cow soil and one in organic soil.
Please help! I might have to use my guest room bathroom. What type of bulbs for lighting?


Hello @Dickrick527 welcome to the forum, I would say if you wanna try in your guest bath you could pull off a harvest. Just make sure you have adequate lighting and possibly monitor your humidity and air temps as that is key. You could get away wit making a diy light if your handy. I believe it was @peachfuzz who made a light out of a vanity fixture and fluorescent bulbs. You will want a 3000k 3500k for best flower and all around growth if you go that route.

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Have you thought about just keeping them in a long veg and then placing outdoors once its warmer next season?? Just throwing around ideas.

Doing that he will end up with 12+ foot tall plants


Not necessarily, if they were to just get say a 4ft or maybe even a 2ft 4 bulb t5 fixture should be fine and especially if they were to manifold or train the plants to prolong veg.


Can I buy those bulbs at Home Depot and if so what kind and about what price range

I was saying that as a good thing. Growing outside I would just let them grow naturally

It’s just to plant so I don’t need a big lightbulb I have one of those gray metal dome lights that you can clip on to something that I’m going to use I just want to know what kind of bulb to put in there

No I hear ya lol I was just stating too you could go about it either way even with training it will get big but manageable!

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If you just want to vegg them until next season buy a cheap $80 led off Amazon

I’m looking to go the cheap route or do you guys think that I could leave them outside and it would harden them with this weather one day it’s cold the next day it’s hot I live in Florida so I’m sure you guys know the weather

Unfortunately you’re gonna need more than one bulb to get anything. You’d need atleast 8 to 12 CFL bulbs or I guess the newer style led bulbs from home depot say 36w in the warm color is best I believe. I haven’t ever grown with them personally other than to start seeds.

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How do you keep them in a long vegetative stage like I said I’ve grown outdoors and I planted mine when I did that late February early March and I topped them about 4 foot made them grow Outward and bushy and then they got mold I was able to control two out of the six plants do other four I had to toss

So on yawls professional opinion if I leave them outside what do you think will happen do you think they will die but do you think they will survive also how do you post pictures here I want to show you guys what they look like

As long as your not getting below 60 maybe 55 at night you could see what happens I wouldn’t reccomend it though. If you really dont wanna spend a whole lot maybe see about those t5.or t8 florescent fixtures at home depot or lowes they are around 38 dollars where I live for the 2 bulb. You could use a 4 bulb and get away with a really long veg almost like keeping a mother plant and then take them outside to finish when its warm again.

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Actually he will be good down to about 40 degrees outside. The colder weather will slow them down but should be fine. I just had this discussion with someone else the other day

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Definitely not a professional brother, take my advice lightly lol!!

I just noticed your screen name. Nice

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If you wanted to keep to in long veg state you would need to place the light on a timer with the lights on atleast 14 hrs a day if they fall below 12 hrs and sit in darkness the will initiate flower which will happen outdoors right now since its winter and days are shorter. The thing that would suck outta all this would be not knowing the sex of these plants and say you veg them 3 plus months into spring and then they go longer outdoors until the flower and you ended up with males… you could throw them in flower early and then reveg them to skip this though.