Friend or foe? Spider hanging out


I haven’t seen any webbing so I’m not very concerned, but is this spider friend or foe?


I am not sure that is a spider
Kinda looks like it’s trying to decide if THC is a good thing…lol


Everything knows THC is a good thing!

Definitely a spider. I can’t get a better picture without disturbing it which would be no picture at all. Lol


Well here is another, hopefully better picture. Little thing is fast! I scared it on my first attempt. Had to come back an hour later. It just disappeared!

Still no webbing except for the anchor web they leave behind which tells me it’s a hunter.

I would like to just leave it to guard my girl, but then I got to thinking "if it’s a hunter, why is it hanging out still? " I see nothing that could be food for it, but a hunter doesn’t usually stay around if there is no food source.

Should I treat for pests and kill the guardian in the process or just name the damned thing?!?


It would die quickly if it isn’t eating…it’s been a few days…it’s living off something in, on or around your plant…

Take your time looking everywhere, don’t leave any leaf not inspected. Find it’s home.
Look for plant debris underneath, small leaf parts that didn’t get eaten and fell down.


Thank you, I’ll look again. He’s been cool to watch, but yeah, I’m concerned about how the hell he’s surviving by staying there.


florida…I just found one of the exact same thing this morning on a “youngster” clone I put in the pot a week ago…ugly little devil. this plant is only four inches tall and something had been “eating” the leaves…hmmm


I was just out checking mine. Didn’t see my little guardian, but then my great-grandson was distracting me and then the wife called with drama from the store she manages!

While I was looking I didn’t see anything that made me think of a food source for the spider.

Will go back out to check again after my little man lays down for a nap.


I don’t think that is a spider.But if it’s hanging around for days.Its feeding on something close.Try some nicotine spray.Soak some cigarettes in water and make you a spray solution for the foliage.


It was… but this thread is older. He’s probably long gone.


We get those in arizona alot every summer