Friend or foe? 15 characters lol

This guy stopped by for a visit, I can usually tell by their behavior who’s side they’re on but not sure about this guy.

Must be a Politician :rofl: :rofl: @Lacewing can you help with this bug.

Lol it said I had to do 15 characters so I did. Silly rule!

Look up green non biting midge
That’s what it is I’m pretty sure

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I don’t think it’s harming the plant I know some species eat aphids

Unless ypu see damage from them just let em’ be they don’t live long and will go away

Thanks lacewing I squished that one like I usually do when unsure but I’ve looked at a lot if bug pictures haven’t found that exact one yet. I’ll watch the next one instead of killing it to see what it does. I’m an old man and this is my first real garden, what the heck man I’ve really been missing out. This is a fascinating thing to do I’m already planning for next year woot!


It’s really cool when ypu begin to learn about insects and which are good and bad …that is definitely some type of midge …some are good and some are bad …do you have many of them??

That’s the first I’ve seen. Since it started looking like I’d get a nice crop I can’t stay away from the dumb garden so rarely does anything pass through without me seeing it. Fascinating! I’m almost disappointed if I don’t find a bad bug lol

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