Friend of a friends strains. New journal


88/34 starting to stack up…


In case anyone was curious, that’s a reptile uvb bulb in the picture. I use it starting whenever I start to see trichomes.


Got some wind burn on the left side. I flush her two days ago because I thought may be the heavy dose of nutrients. Then I realized today that it was only on the side with the fan. So I raised it about two inches higher than my girl.

While I was taking this 60x shot, my hand rubbed a bud. Smells like a bowl of fruity pebbles. Like a creamy, fruity, goodness.
sure is hard getting the pink to show up in a picture…
Here’s a 90x shot…

And last but not least, here a monster crop clone. (My first successful ever) she’s starting to branch nicely. I removed a screen I had over top, now that the first two branches at the top are trained out. I think I’m going to thin her out a bit. Let those lower branches get some light.


this shows a bit more pink