Friend of a friends strains. New journal


88/34 starting to stack up…


In case anyone was curious, that’s a reptile uvb bulb in the picture. I use it starting whenever I start to see trichomes.


Got some wind burn on the left side. I flush her two days ago because I thought may be the heavy dose of nutrients. Then I realized today that it was only on the side with the fan. So I raised it about two inches higher than my girl.

While I was taking this 60x shot, my hand rubbed a bud. Smells like a bowl of fruity pebbles. Like a creamy, fruity, goodness.
sure is hard getting the pink to show up in a picture…
Here’s a 90x shot…

And last but not least, here a monster crop clone. (My first successful ever) she’s starting to branch nicely. I removed a screen I had over top, now that the first two branches at the top are trained out. I think I’m going to thin her out a bit. Let those lower branches get some light.


this shows a bit more pink


Your stuff is looking really good


Thank you. My phone broke tuesday. After i get done burning this fatty im going to make my way to the growroom. Ill get some recent pictures up. Sorry for the wait guys.


95/41 this new phone is taking some nice pictures… What do you think?



Beautiful pink pistils!


I know! I can’t wait to see them swelling. I’m hoping the rest of the buds take some sort of color. Some purple would be awesome.


Those pink pistils are awesome! Grrrrrrreat work! :v:


Thank you. Not too bad looking for bagseed. I’ve gotten pretty lucky with genes these last two grows with bag seed


Do you have any ideas how you got those pink pistils? What is your Ph normally? Has it been cold lately?


Run off PH has been between 5.4/5.9. Temps been bouncing between 74 and 83. I’m positive it’s just genetics… I didn’t notice any pink in the buds that I smoked. There was a deep purple randomly throughout certain buds, no solid purple buds.


Yep, I think you’re right about genetics. Im surprised to see you’re Ph, I thought it would be very high which can bring out colors. Oh well, it sure is pretty. You should clone her.


I’ve got 5 clones from her as of now. One that’s made it to the flower room a week ago (small, experimental). There’s one monster cropped that’s about 12 inches tall and lst’ing nicely. One that’s short and just topped. And two small ones that have just rooted. I’ll get some updated pictures tonight.


97/43 sorry about the blurry pictures. It’s muggy outside and cool in the room. I couldn’t wipe my lense enough.

@raustin, these are for you, dollface. Here’s my clones. The ugly one under the screen is the one in flower.


Those buds are gorgeous!


I know! I’m stoked to smoke! I can’t wait to see the final product. That last bud is going to be hard to consume. Maybe I’ll make a case for the final bud… Lmao


Lol, you can press it and then encase it in glass forever.