Friend of a friends strains. New journal


I topped them at the fourth node. I believe it was at 13 days old. My objective for this grow was to keep them squatting. I don’t think either one is over 7 inches verticaly. Now when they start to flower, (given both are females) I’m expecting 20 inches.


Day 42. Still waiting to get back to full power but these two haven’t skipped a beat.


Day 46. Flipped the switch last night. (I know the whole point of a scrog is fill it up) I believe the stretch is going to fill a bit more. Right now these two are 3x2 feet wide. Tomorrow they will start to ween off the nitrogen, and ease into phosphorus and potassium. There is 38 tops as of now, so it should be a decent harvest. (With high hopes of being females.)


I’ve also stopped tying to the screen. Just gonna let the tops rise now. My Sour Diesel…


Looking damn good. Unfortunately I beloeve the gorrila nutz has… Well… Nuts. But they were small, and being very optimistic, I’m gonna wait until tonight to know for sure that they weren’t tiny calyxs. If they are sacks, its to the burn pit. Then I’m gonna wait for they dingle berry to reveal sex and veg long its it a she.


I had to cull Eve as well. Buried Steve at the bottom of the worm bed.

My other two unknowns are starting to show. My tri is female, started showing yesterday. The Quad is just putting something out, but too small to determine calyx or flower pod. I should know in two more days.


Its always a shame. But hey, that’s bad that come with the good. (Unless we’re pollinating of course.)


How’ve you been holding up with all this rain?


Well, I think the rain combined with the heat steamed a Blue Dream auto seed, so I’ve been better.

Been dry the last couple of days, so I’m back to watering since my soil is so Sandy. Also discovered that I have russet mites on my Sour Diesel. She looks ok right now, so I’m hoping I can get them under control before they do too much damage.


That bites… But she still looks good. Is that the blue dream or the diesel? At least it isn’t a male. Ill post some pictures tonight before I pull him out. But I confirmed it last night. Fingers crossed that the dingle berry is female. If not I’m gonna shut down for now as I may have to move. My landlord has refused to help me with gas on the pumps in the yard and now I’ve chewed my whole savings in a week and a half. I’m glad that I didn’t have any in the ground, they would be drowned by now…

A friend of mine had told me about the milk a few years back when I was having trouble with some peppers and had no money for extra calcium. In a week the peppers were back to blooming, the new leaves started to grow in beautifully.


Thanks for that testimony!

That is the Sour Diesel. The Blue Dream auto seed failed due to a lapse of reason. Rookie mistakes get us all sometimes.


Any time brother. What a shame about the blue dream. That’s one of my favorite strains. Don’t feel bad though, on the bright side… You learned something. At least I hope.


Welp, day 52 and one plant short. But the good news, the dingle berry is a girl! So, time to flip the lights back and do some more veggin’!

I believe in going to give her a bit of extra nitrogen and kick her into overdrive.
see the pistil? And this is the tip that snapped off my top. No rooting hormone. Just house and garden root accelerator. Oh, and fishtank water


Lol…yeah, I learned why we sow our seeds in early Spring! I wasn’t thinking about the Summer heat and had her out in full Sun like I would in March.

Cooked them.

Yeah, I won’t be making that mistake again!


No doubt. Live and learn. I’ve got a question… I flipped the plants to sex, weeded out the male. I was going to (and did), flipped the lights back to fill the screen. But now with complicated indifferences with my landlord, ill be moving in about two months. Just long enough to squeeze out flowering. How long should I leave it on 18/6 before flipping back to reduce the chance of herming?


This info tells me you should flip now. Unless you plan on moving live plants with you.

Some is better than none…


The concern, is that I just flipped back to 18/6 Friday… Do you think that’ll stress them to herm? I don’t mind flowering now. That’s no problem.


I don’t know, being an outdoor guy. Perhaps we can get you an answer…

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@Stoneythetiger420 @FloridaSon I would say it doesn’t seem like you have any other option. The alternative is to potentially harvest several weeks early? Not as good of option in my opinion.


That’s what I think too, but I couldn’t answer about the risk of herm.