Friend of a friends strains. New journal


@HornHead lol that I was being a smart ass? Nope. We are all here to help each other. But that was the feeling I got when I read it back to myself… So I tried to save it. Hahaha @FloridaSon Well it’s set up on a drip to waste. My idea was that it would fill the screen faster. Thus getting me to harvest faster.


No, I was saying I agree with you on having the screen lower. I always thought it a waste of time letting the plant grow that tall trimming the under growth. If you just give a little time, that under growth will be tall enough to hit screen. I was looking at someone’s scrog journal the other day and the screen was about 15" it looked like above pot. You could see all the branch’s that had been removed and wondered why they didn’t just let those grow up. It save at least a few weeks vegg time


Ok, right on. That was my thought process exactly. I mean right now I’m 23 days into veg and have multiple branches being pushed down from the screen. And like @FloridaSon said, it would cause issues with watering, but with a fixed irrigation hose, that problem is solved. Plus new I have plenty of head room for light adjustment and I can also easily reach all my bud sites without having to lean over and cause potential harm to my babies. Plus it allows me to have them off the floor enough that I don’t have to get on the floor for bottom access.


Day 24.growing like a weed. Go figure. Just gave a little stronger nutrient solution.

the gorilla nutz is filling out the screen fast. Plus I’m starting to notice the offset leaf pattern. Which usually is the first signs of maturity. Hoping there’s no nutz…the dingle berry is looking great too. Staying really compact. and some low pro action lol


Day 25. These two are impressing the hell out of me.

dingle berrygorilla nutz


I figure another week or two ill start the lollipop, and possibly flip in a month. Depends on what the preflower stretch looks like. I think the flower stretch will fill that screen quickly. Then I can start taking clones if they are girls.


Day 29.


Lookn good :smile:
Where did you get the SCROG screen?


Thanks man. Its the bottom of a crib. Its perfect. 30"x60".


It’s definitely cool. Looks like what I want but no kids. I’ll keep looking thanks for the reply


Look at thrift stores. Maybe even some cattle fence. Spray it with rustoleum, to keep it from rusting and frame it out with 2x4. Use electrical staples to secure it to the frame.


@Redeyedranger what about a baby gate for a smaller space? Just saw one at the store. Got me thinking about ya.


Hey that’s a good idea :muscle: I’ll check those out. Never done SCROG, or anything else for that matter. I’m sure I’ll be taggin you and everybody else.
Thanks for thinking of me :facepunch:


The big 3-0! And finally the first hiccup. Broke a top off the dingle berry while tucking. Casualty of lst. But on the bright side, I was looking at a small damp rid container thinking it would make a good cloning machine. (However my phone died just before the picture.) So that will have to be for tomorrow… Lol

The dingle berry. See the band aid? here’s the gorilla nutz. Got a small trim today on the lower fan leafs. And some of the cannabutter I made today. Little over a qp of sugar leaves from some lemon kush.


No problem. The holes are a little small on the gate… But I’m sure it would work. Maybe just a little more finesse.


Just grow it through and secure from the top instead of tucking everything under.


Hell yeah. That’s thinking outside the screen!


no higher than 5 inches.


Here’s the cloner… It has the water filled mid way into the basket. That has gravel, (to hold down the air stone), and the lid has the grate so the cutting can sit inside, over the bubbles.


Day 32. Every day I’m tucking new growth. So far so good I suppose.

I’m thinking I may flip in a week. I think with flower stretch I can fill the screen. I have alternating nodes on both plants now.