Friend of a friends strains. New journal


Of course I tried to make it sound dirty… Why wouldn’t I? Lol


I think so too. I was really really stoned last night. I smoked a fatty of white Tahoe cookies. (fantastic BTW) I always watch the buds. I just tend to notice once the sugar leafs start to turn its a fast track. I’m going to try for at least two weeks. Hopefully more.


@Budbrother, where’s the fun in a safe word?


My plants’ safe word is “SNAP” :joy:


Your girls like it ruff too? Lmao



The monster cropped clone that’s starting the journey into womanhood…



Yay BABY! :clap:


Lmao. That kid is going places.


Bad news; my ac unit went down today. It was a hundred degrees in today. I turned on the exhaust, and and hooked a fart fan to the “used to be” exhaust port for the ac to draw in the cooler air. So close to the end of summer… The girls took it really good though. A bit thirsty, but good. Looks like I’ll be digging deep into my pockets. (too bad they’re shallow) lmao


Bummer man. I hope you can find a deal :v:


Yeah. Me too. I wish it would have held out until winter.


Look for an open box store. Not really sure what they’re called but that’s what they sell. The one near me has a few window units currently. For under a $100 on most. They had a big portable unit I should’ve bought for $180.


I’ll have to do some searching. Thanks brother


I got some Silica today from a hydro store today to assist with the higher Temps. I’ve been researching it lately. And with the ac, nows the best time as any.