Friend gave me a Clone plant to start learning with


first picture taken the day I got her 06/23/18 and this is her today 7/12/18

I’m currently waiting for my order of WW to come so I can get them looking like this LOL…


Clones looking great


Lookin good.




I’ve heard nothing but good things about the White Widow from ilgm. I’m yet to order one myself but I will sometime. Your little clone looks great and healthy. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your grow


i’ve no idea what I’m growing , my Buddy said that its WONDERWOMAN , so i hope she’s good …

had to tie down the mainstem yesterday .


It’ll be good.


today is 7/23/18 just to keep things up to date , here is a photo of WONDERWOMAN from today .


finally got my WW seeds and placed them in soil just 7/21 and today 7/23 4 out of 5 seeds already sprouted in soil still waiting for the 5th one to pop out of soil .


today i tried to find my seed so i could place into water per instructions from ILGM from seed #5 the un-sprouted 1

and nothing lost in the soil poof gone but ive got 4 beauties though were still good …


@ necknflu just read your profile and its my opinion that your a Christian , am i right Brother ?
I too live in chronic pain , checking ILGM for strains specific for my medical needs .
found several id love to try but so many good strain and so little money / time lol …


Yeah overall I’d have to say that I’m Christian. I was raised in a fairly religious household. But I can’t say I’m overly religious. Without getting too deep I’d like to think there’s a Creator out there looking over us doing something more than rolling His/Hers/Its dice.
I have a lot of sympathy for people that are in chronic pain whether it’s mentally or physically. For me it’s physical. without getting into the whole spiel I’m basically plate and screws from in my “C” area of my spine with one vertebrae removed. Had a lot of crushed and ruptured discs that needed work done. When those were all relieved off of my spine, nerve system my nervous system in my neck, hands, bones, and arms decided to go all haywire. And ever since the surgery it hasn’t turned off. Constantly feels like either needles coming out of my skin or burn blisters like when you accidentally hit your hand in the oven. Its unfortunate, but you will meet a lot of good people on here that have lots of problems worse than I do. So I got no right to complain. But that’s my back story in a nutshell.
I hope whatever is ailing you gets better too. I wish I could recommend you a silver bullet strain that would help. But in all honesty I’m still on search for one myself. Though I’m having a pretty good time wading through all the different strains hahaha
as far as ilgm goes I just started my first grow with a blue dream to get my feet wet. I haven’t even tried it yet it still got week to go or so. But I will let you know. My upcoming grow is the pop culture mix pack plus a wicked Widow that is not ilgm but was gifted to me by a friend. I can tell you I’ve had Gorilla Glue from a local dispensary and that was outstanding. Just like Blue Dream from a local dispensary was outstanding. I can recommend those just for great feelings, and some people have good pain relief from them. I found Gorilla Glue to be excellent but strong and more of a night-time smoke. But that’s just me. I have gold leaf but I haven’t grown that yet and I’m dying to try it for my neck. But with the limited space I have that one may have to wait. This one coming up I am doing a journal once I get my main grow room up and going. I will invite you to watch. I kind of have a running list of names that I’m promising people I will send once I am going. Once I grow/try my pop culture mix pack I will definitely give a report on it. Sadly that won’t be till the fall. Good luck with your search. And good luck with your grow.


My prayers go out to you Brother, I can’t hold a candle to your injuries mine are more mental and physical. At 5 I had just got my training wheels off and was hit by a car crushing my head , mom said I was dead for a couple minutes flat lined and as the doctor was about to call time I came back. Had a guy try taking my head off with flat head shovel , all together I’ve cheated death 4 times .

Blessed to be alive and loving that I can now smoke and grow so I’m kinda excited.

White widow is my 1st strain , besides that Wonder Woman plant a friend gave me . It’s been 7 days since I’ve potted my seedlings, so we’ll see how everything goes. Looking forwards to being a pal of yours .

Happy Sabbath Brother and may God always bless you .


You are blessed to be alive! Man I feel for you. Especially anything that happens to a child as hard as what you went through let alone anything super traumatic. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’re doing better now ( and from the other four times you cheated death! Glad your here with us.) and at least enjoying some of the benefits of marijuana. I’m hoping some of the strains you find are giving you relief. It’s nice to meet good people on here.
Since I joined this forum I’ve really enjoyed it. Not only am I getting to know the seeds from ilgm but the willingness and understanding, help, and knowledge people share on here is incredible. And it’s fun to meet and get to know the other members, such as yourself.
I hope you have a nice day tomorrow too. Hope you get some time to yourself and can enjoy your grow for a while. Take it easy tonight and rest up.


Thanks Brother my Heart goes out to everyone who suffers , God Only puts on us as much as he knows we can handle . I grew up custody to the State of California from age 7 - 18 , pot has been a part of my life since I was 5 .

Good people are Truly hard to find but we’re out here . Meeting people like yourself or mountainman1 , raustin , and amosmoses .

I’m wanting to check out strains like Bruce Banner , Superskunk , or even Grand daddy purple . I suffer from diseases such as but not limited to ADD/ADHD , Alzheimer’s, Bi-polar manic depression, multiple personality disorder, diabetes, stuff like that .

Every eye that reads these post’s I’m in no way trying to compete with people, this is who I am and will be until I die , and I wouldn’t change me for anything. God loves everyone and I wish all a Happy High Life …


Oh yeah I forgot today 7/29 I’m going with Family to Five Finger Death Punch Concert so yeah my day will be Awesome thanks Brother you have a Blessed Life


Have a great time at the show.
I hope the old saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is applicable to you. Because at this point that would make you Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk! Like a lot of other people I’ve met on here I’ll keep you in my thoughts too. It’s nice to meet nice friendly like-minded people who share a love for growing. We are all fortunate for having this incredible plant put here on this planet for us.
Enjoy your grow! Have fun today.


I think it was said with good intentions you both are crossing wires, I don’t think this forum is for talks of religion neither is it for telling people what to do with thier life’s, it’s a case of each to thier own on that matter everyone calm down and smoke a bowl :v: now on a lighter note guys great looking plant I’ve only ever done one clone everything I do is from the bean(only so I know for a fact what strain they are) happy growing friend real nice looking girl you’ve got there :ok_hand:


Look you started all of this by your negative talk , you’re nobody to tell me what I can or cannot do .
Yes I over stepped my boundaries by posting a picture of my middle finger . My apologies to all who saw and to ILGM I snapped when I should’ve turned the other cheek . As for you Humanclone the best part of you ran down your mothers leg and I’m sorry you have Daddy issues .


Ok boys lets agree to disagree
@Humanclone @tribblesr

@Humanclone if you dont wish to talk nicely
I suggest you no longer visit @tribblesr thread

Let move on please TY CB