fRIEDfRED Second Attempt - 2020 JournaL


2020 Getting Started

January 2020, ordered seeds from ILGM
Jack Herer (JH) feminized
Gorilla Glue auto (GGa)

Inspired by Professor Warkat (@Warkat ) and my very minimal successful first grow in 2019, I have totally changed my grow philosophy to organics and living soil.

Grow conditions: Organic living soil with custom blended super soil in 20 gallon Grow bags, outdoors in 12’x8’ greenhouse. Organic Fish poop/waste from Koi pond filters is the primary fertilizer. Fish waste was added to compost bin for additional broad spectrum nutrients. Also all watering is from koi pond which is well oxygenated from water falls from 5,000 gal/hour pump and fountain pump.

This is a (almost) legal grow in Northern California Foothills. I say almost because city code requires permits and code enforcement inspections, can only be grown in a lockable building and out of view of neighbors or passers-by. Permits are way more expensive than a misdemeanor fine of $25.00 and besides I don’t want code enforcement on my property so . . . . . . . No Permits.

Note on 20 gal. grow bags; summertime can get quite hot here amplified by the polycarbonate skin on the greenhouse. The grow bags are placed 18" below floor level on 3" bricks and loosely packed with straw to create air space and drainage and also keeps the plant roots and worms cooler when the hot weather arrives.


Still January, Preparing media using this approximate recipe:
20% Organic Top soil with Steer Manure
20% Perlite
10% Compost
10% Organically Amended soil from last year
10% Kellogg organic soil amendment
10% Coco Coir
10% Worm Castings
5% Down to Earth Natural Potting Mix
5% Peat Moss

Additional Amendment Materials (all used sparingly):
Pacific Ocean Beach Sand
Down To Earth Bio Live
Fish Poop/Koi Pond Filter Extract
Bat Guano
Fish Bone Meal
Blood Meal
Composting Worms (40 to 50) in each Container

All watering is done with koi pond water taken from the bottom of the waterfall and well oxygenated. This replicates a very dilute/mild tea with every watering.


March 1, here we go, let the season begin: dropped 5 ILGM Jack Herer seeds into small jar of koi pond water with small splash of household peroxide.

March 4, all 5 JH seeds sprouted which is encouragingly way better than last year. Planted seeds today into seedling starting pots with blend of starting mix and small amount of the super soil. Pots are on heating pad with a T5 grow light on 14/10 hour timer.

March 8, 4 of the 5 baby seedlings have sprouted and looking good.

March 9, the 5th seedling is born, yea!!!

March 21, all seedlings doing well

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March 28, Moving seedlings into greenhouse during the day to acclimate to outdoor environment. Still a little cold at night with more springlike weather coming. Probably transplant into prepared grow bags around 4/1.

April 1, Happy April Fools day. Roots showing through bottom of starter pots. Pretty day outside so transplanted seedlings into greenhouse grow bags. They were definitely root bound. May have waited too long but so far the plants look healthy. Only had 4 grow bags set up so have an extra plant. Transplanted into bigger container and I’ll hang on to it for a while.

April 2, Seedlings looking a little shocked from transplant so gave them a very diluted and mild dose of Vit B1. Looking much better later in the day. Picture didn’t come out, oh well. Also Dropped a couple of ILGM Gorilla Glue Autos into germinating solution.

April 9, JH seedlings looking good and starting to take off.


So far all is good. I think it’s getting close to time for first top or fim. Not sure which or when to do it and a little nervous about doing this. Think I’ll wait and do more research.

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April 16, The girls got their first haircut. I decided to go ahead and fim. It was scary but the plants didn’t seem to mind.

I also top dressed with mulching compost, a light dose of worm castings and fish waste. So far doing well. Way better than my first journey. I’m liking organics. Much easier!


They look beautiful :v::green_heart:

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April 21, There, I’m all caught and up with my grow journal. I didn’t think I was going to do one but thought it would be a good idea as I have trouble remembering dates, birthdays anniversaries, days of the week, etc… so I pieced this one together to get started. Just old age I guess.

I’ll post more pics tomorrow as the plants recovery from the first fim look a little weird.


Thanx, I’m sitting here with a smile :hugs: on my face because things are going so much better than last year. Long way to go but looks promising.:crossed_fingers:


I’m so jelly bud, wish I could do outdoor just not able to here. Thank you for the tag and recognition for what I’m trying to accomplish organically. Your so right too this is so much easier than using chems for nutes. Build a soil let it cook feed the worms and water. I love it and am glad to be on board with your grow.


I’m setto watching. Gonna do a tag along on this one, that is if you don’t mind :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Don’t mind at all (or very well) @repins12. I have learned so much lurking around the community. Blogging is new to me and this is pretty cool.

Thanx for your kind words (Professor) Warkat. I’m pretty stoked. What I’m learning is everyone has their own way of doing things and there is no one absolute very best way but this living soil thing is nature and so fascinating.


Thats why im so involved in living soil concept. Its teaching me so much about the natural world we live in. Whenever i want to “try something new” my first question is always can this happen in nature is this a natural process that happens in real life. If no i wont do it. Mother nature she is the key.


I’m lurking and watching if you dont mind. Thats a nice clean setup you have there. My memory is like a broken fridge, works when it wants to so a journal is the way forward for me. @Warkat inspired me to do the living soil thing as well. Right now it’s in a raised bed getting turned over every few days. Good luck on this one :sunglasses:


I’m on the taggin wagon,
I love your set-up fRIEDfRED, so functional, yet rustic.
Only a newby myself, but I see organic living soil as the way forward for me.

Good vibes, keep it green :v:


Have you checked out @Budbrother journals? He shares a lot of good knowledge. Definitely a journal to check out.

Depraved Sick0 Cannabis'alism


Thanks for the link to Budbrother, GreenJewels. Gonna’ grab a cup of joe and check one out.


Better make it a BIG cup, there is some amazing stuff, you will love it fRIEDfRED


Do you have chooks? I can’t keep up with eggs, chooks would be great, right now :joy:

Just read the link to Budbrother journal. On the third cup haha. Great read and full of info. Thanx for the link. Can’t absorb all of it and will definitely go back. Really like some of the conversations on :spider: spider mites as they got out of control last year. I had to harvest early last season and then bleached the whole greenhouse and surrounding area. Okay so far but :flushed: worried that they will be back.

Forgive my ignorance @Enlightened420 but don’t know what chooks is.