fRIEDfRED Second Attempt - 2020 JournaL part 2

Gorilla Glue Auto dropped 4/2, week five I’m flower. Trichs starting to get cloudy. 3 or 4 weeks to go.


Love this!


I saw another member do this so I started a part 2 to my grow journal so. I could post some updated pictures.

Jack Herer photos are doing well and starting to show signs of pre-flower. They got a light topping of flowering mix.

Gorilla Glue Autos have the return of the dreaded spider :spider:mites. I have been treating them and the JH every 3 or 4 days with various natural foliar sprays as follows:

Household strength hydrogen peroxide
Diatomaceous earth with cayenne and chili pepper
Dish soap with peppermint oils
Hydrogen peroxide
Dish soap with clover oils and DE
Powdered dill

I’ve been rotating treatment every 3 to 4 days spraying on the GGa and JH photos.It’s keeping them in check on the Autos and no signs of them on the JH. Hopefully we should make it to harvest.

Note that the peroxide was initially too strong and burnt the fan leaves on the Autos so all future treatments were diluted to half strength.


Fred, your set up looks amazing!

I can’t wait to see the results!



Awesome. Hopefully part 2 lasts longer for you than it did for me. Within under 2 hours, Icould no longer post pictures. Site is still all screwed up for me


Thanks OlyBoy.

Having a good grow season so far. Coming into the dry and hotter part of the season. Biggest challenge is keep the plants from over heating. Got a humidifier going most of the time. Grow bags are dug down into the ground and placed on bricks with straw packed in for insulation to keep the roots cool. Seems to be working.



Still working. Go figure!

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Awesome set up. Is that basil? Deter pests or attract or a pesto fan?

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Yea, got basil, marigold and dill companion plants with peppermint and lavender in starter pots. Helps keep the bugs away. The dill died out. Probably too hot.

The dill I grew in the garden last summer grew to 6’. I was thinking I would plant again this year as a screen. Didn’t happen.

Looks awesome! Sorry about the mites, sounds like you are giving them hell though.

Wow, didn’t know dill got that tall @beardless. I’m using dill because (supposedly) spider mites don’t like it. Got another batch of seedlings coming along to plant with the JH photos. So far no sign of them but they are right next to the GG autos.

@AAA, haven’t seen any in a while but still seeing webs here and there. Had them last year also. Cleaned and bleached the greenhouse b4 starting this years grow. I’ll continue treatments. My hope is to keep them in check and make it to harvest.

Gotta say it’s great being able to post pictures in my journal again. Still don’t know what the issue is yet but hope it last for a while.

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Cilantro is good to repel pests as well.


Thank you, makes since.

Very nice grow and set up!

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