Fridge drying blunder

I was caught a little bit unprepared yesterday and had to chop and trim two plants and found myself without a good place to dry them. I do have a spare refrigerator that works just fine so I decided to try the fridge method

It was pretty late and I was kind of stoned and I forgot to turn the temperature as high as it would go on the fridge and this morning I went to check on my buds and some had frozen. I’ve since turning the fridge Temp up as high as it goes but I’m wondering what damage I’ve done and if it’s recoverable or if I’ve just created a quarter pound of bubble hash fodder

Freezing is no issue. If you’re going to make bubble hash, it’s vital to freeze them before attempting anyways.


Was not planning to make bubble hash unless I’ve ruined my buds.

Part of the reason for me asking is because all this weed is going to turn into a pile of frozen gout when it thaws I might as well just jam it in the freezer and freeze it solid and plan to bubble it

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You can, or when you’re ready you can take it out to warm and dry. When they’re cold, trichomes are easily broken off until room temperature. :wink::nerd_face:

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Well in the end it worked out. The buds that froze only froze lightly and thawed gently and wound up drying and curing wonderfully. No harm.

I had a good enough result that I wound up drying my whole crop in the fridge. Works great. I don’t think I’d go out and buy a fridge for drying my herb but since I have one that’s not doing anything but chilling a few bottles of white wine and seltzer hey what the hell.


Should also say that this has been my best crop in years. Not perfect by any means but the grow went well and this different drying method has done a good job of preserving aroma.

I realize I’m trying this method under the best possible conditions. My fridge has no other food in it to produce funny smells and is nice and clean. I’ve heard that having other stuff in the fridge can impart a taste or smell.