Freshly harvested


My friend had to leave his freshly cut crop in a 30 degree attic for two days. Any harm done?


well that is a good question though hard to answer without seeing it smelling it or tasting it. Several things would factor is the attic moist how was it stored hung or bagged green I assume if you are asking they haven’t got back to it yet? If it was bagged green may be a moldy mass if hung may be fine only person can answer that is your friend. I hang cropped buds in the same place I grow it with controlled humidity with temps in the 70f range good airflow and let it dry slow. Fast drying effects taste and smell of your buds


Thank’s Don,
It’s was hanging open. 30 degrees. Big cold space. It was soaking wet. He brought it out of there and drying now. Didn’t know what effect it would have on trichomes/the quality. Was dark and cold and wet but on the mend we hope.
Thank’s for your reply bud…


Yeah 30 degrees is really cold and humid , 62 - 78 degrees is at best !


Not really - not to worry - should keep in “normal” temps --people use cool temp’s to keep weed about 6 month’s ( put in icebox -) freeze if keeping it longer than 6 mo’s


yes you can store Dried weed in ice box or freezer but only if dried and can’t be moved from hot to cold often or will get condensation and rot needs to be aired out as it warms back to room temp out of freezer